The 7 Links Project | Showcasing Our Posts

We were very excited when we were nominated for the 7 Links Project by the lovely ladies over at Globetrotter Girls. The project was started by Tripbase, with the idea to help bloggers share some of their favourite posts.

Here are some of our posts to cover the 7 areas. Some are old and some are new, but they fit each topic perfectly! Enjoy!

1. Our Most Beautiful Post: The Kindness of Vietnam

We had the best time while we travelled throughout Vietnam and were constantly shown warmth and compassion by the Vietnamese. There seems to be a lot of talk amongst travellers that they didn’t really enjoy Vietnam and the people are too pushy. We saw a totally different side to the people of this country and we share our experiences in this post.

A Friendly Vietnamese Woman Along The Ho Chi Minh Trail

2. Our Most Popular Post: I’m Not A Backpacker

Travelling for now over 18months, our travel ideals and style have evolved and changed over time. In this post I reflect on what sort of traveller I am and ask-Can a person really be defined by the way they travel? It got quite a positive response and some thoughtful responses in the comments too.

One Of The Biggest Tourist Attractions In The World...And I Loved It!

3. Our Most Controversial Post: Getting Ripped Off?

Anthony had written this post long ago and we got quite a mixed reaction from people in the comments. It was such a shame that when our website got a big redesign that we lost all those comments unintentionally. There were many different points of view and it opened up an interesting discussion about whether travellers get ripped when they travel.

Do You Quarrel Over A Few Beans Or Two?

4. Our Most Helpful Post: 10 Tips For Buying A Motorbike In Vietnam

Without a doubt, this post has been our most helpful to our readers and audience. We are constantly inundated with people asking about how to buy and travel by motorbike throughout Vietnam and this article gives some detailed information on how to go about buying a motorbike in Vietnam.

Our Motorbike We Bought In Veitnam

5. A Post Whose Success Surprised Us: Things To Do On Khao San Road

I didn’t really expect this post to get as much attention as it did. To be honest, it didn’t take that long to write. We had passed so many times through Bangkok on our travel through South East Asia and would always end up on Khao San Road, so I knew there were plenty of things to do down this street. Maybe it resonated with other travellers who had also been to Bangkok and got other travellers excited about heading out on their impending journeys through South East Asia!

A Typical Scene On Khao San Road

6. A Post We Feel Didn’t Get the Attention It Deserved: Fear Vs Love

When Anthony wrote this post over a year ago, I really liked how, even though it was only a short article, it really hit home about how I am so happy that we are doing what we love. Too many people out there are stuck at jobs they don’t like or are not living the life they could. Fear holds us back from a lot of things but it shouldn’t. Ant urges us all to get out and go for what we want!

Travel Gets You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

7. The Post That We Are Most Proud Of: My Take On Long Term Travel

Getting homesick and missing my family and friends has been one of the hardest things to deal with while we have been travelling. In this post that I wrote recently, I talked about why I was scared to leave Sydney and what was holding me back. It was the final realisation of how much I have loved our travels that made me proud of leaving everything behind. It was scary, but writing about it helped to put things into perspective.

Travel Has Taken Me To Many Places

Passing It On

Once you’ve taken part in the ‘7 links’ project, it is your turn to nominate five new bloggers to continue the project, and here are our 5 nominations (all blogs that we enjoy reading):

Craig & Linda from Indie Travel Podcast
Ryan from Pause The Moment
Anthony from The Travel Tart
Alyson & John from Hop & Jaunt
Mark from Migrationology

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