Where to go when visiting Americas West Coast


Where to travel?

Travel can open up your life to a multitude of new experiences, it broadens the mind and rejuvenates the spirit. Where better to visit than the sun dappled West Coast of America. With such a vast, sprawling coastline it can be difficult to figure out what to do, so here are some ideas for the intrepid traveller.

Overview of the West Coast

From Spokane to San Diego, Americas West Coast is approximately 1,293 miles long. Along the way it takes in major cities such as Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles amongst many others. The North of the coast line has a Oceanic climate but from the Californian border towards Mexico the climate is mediterranean. Whichever climate appeals there is loads of culture and loads to do.


Maybe best known for the being the birthplace of Grunge in the early 90s, Seattle is a place filled with culture and known for it’s world famous markets. The most popular of these being Pike Place Market, which was established in 1907 and spreads out over 9 acres with something for everyone. From crafts to speciality foods and independent shops you won’t be disappointed, and once it’s dark the market comes alive with a thriving nightlife.

San Francisco

Another location stuffed to the gills with culture, San Francisco is brilliant and adaptable place. Whether you need to chill out and watch the seals on the sea front or explore the vibrant night life San Francisco will fit your needs. Our recommendation would be to take the unique experience of visiting Alcatraz. Where else could you take a boat ride to visit an island whose only function was as a prison housing the most notorious criminals? Known as the Rock it operated from 1934 to 1963, during that time it housed Al Capone and Birdman Robert Stroud, and you can walk around the cells they would have stayed in accompanied all the way around by a stunning audio tour. One of the best and strangest experiences the West Coast of America has to offer.

Los Angeles

The glitz, the glamour, Beverly Hills, Hollywood – LA has it all wherever you look. You can pay for some great star home tours, or visit one of the theme parks. Alternatively you could walk Hollywood Boulevard taking in Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, 1.3 miles containing over 2,500 Hollywood stars.

Getting Around

The easiest way, probably the only way you should travel the West Coast of America is by car. That way you can experience the glorious coastline before dipping into the above stops, and even more. Whatever you plan you can do, because behind the wheel of a car there is only one person in control, and that is you. If you travel this way make sure you remember the essentials for the road, keep hydrated, have snacks available for when a diner isn’t nearby, make sure you remember holiday insurance, have clothes appropriate to the weather at the time of year you’re going.