The Kindness Of Vietnam

Having travelled extensively throughout Vietnam, I would like to celebrate the kindness of the people that we have met along the way.

Our motorbike journey from North to South took us through many small villages and towns that many would  normally bi-pass on a bus. I feel we got a taste of real Vietnamese life and the people. On countless occasions we were given free meals and told that our money was no good in their restaurant. Most people were intrigued at the long journey we had taken and wanted to know more about our background and us.

Riding through these villages we were always greeted with big smiles and waves of adults, with children running madly trying to keep up with us on our bike.

vietnamese lady

A Lady At An Outdoor Tea House Just Had To Plait Elise's Hair!

Right from the very beginning it was apparent that this journey was going to be relatively hassle free. On day one of first ride, we made our way from Hanoi to ha Long Bay-a fairly straight forward ride, with only really a lack of signs as you get closer to the bay area. We were riding on the freeway looking for the coming street signs, when we were motioned by another vehicle to pull over. This seemed  strange as we were abiding by all the road rules and I didn’t see any authority signs on the external of this car. We proceeded to ride and ignore the man in his vehicle waving us to pull to the side of the road. It was apparent that he needed us to pull over immediately for some reason. After some thought and reasoning we decided to obey his commands and pulled the bike onto the shoulder of the road.

We dismounted our bike and walked up to the window of his car, unaware of the circumstances for being in this situation in the first place. I then came to realize that that the man spoke no English, but motioned towards the map that Elise was carrying in her hand. I couldn’t believe it! This man pulled us over on the freeway to help us with directions-and we hadn’t even asked him!

He spoke in charades and motioned for us to go back two streets, turn right and then left and we will be on our way to our destination. What a gentlemen!  He asked for nothing in return and just smiled shook my hand, rolled up his window and went on his way.

Vietnam road

Just Part Of Our Journey

This was only one of many kind occurrences during our time in Vietnam. We were also amazed at the knowledge of the employees at most of the hotels and guesthouses we stayed at. Most were a walking, talking tourist offices and could tell you the best places to go throughout Vietnam as well as the cheapest way to get there. Even to the pint where if they couldn’t speak English they would just write names down for us for future reference!

On many occasions when dining out at a local street eat, we would be curious to see what others nearby were eating. When we were caught glancing at their meals they would insist on us trying some of their food and even eat with them, often buying us a whole meal! They wouldn’t take no for an answer!

We loved Vietnam and plan on going back for manymore years to come.

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Motorbiking Vietnam

11 Responses to The Kindness Of Vietnam

  1. This post is crazy inspiring. I feel like Vietnam gets such a bad rap from travellers sometimes, so this really renews my excitement to go!!

    • Anthony Reply

      Yeah it is a shame that it does get such a bad wrap. It is one of my favourite countries in the world and I will definitely be going back for many years to come.

  2. Definitely agree. I’m going to VN for three weeks later this year and have started researching already – and yes, there is a lot written that’s negative, so this is a welcome change. Can’t wait to go!

    • Anthony Reply

      Leyla, you will have a ball in Vietnam. Try and get out of the big cities if your can. They will try and rip you off as a tourist in the city. This is prevalent all through SEA. Enjoy your travels ;)

  3. We just got done traveling for 17 months and 17 countries. Vietnam was definitely high on our list for several reasons but the main one was how nice and genuine the people were. Never in my life of travel had I met such lovely people. I was humbled and thrilled by our travels in Vietnam.

    • Anthony Reply

      That was the thing that stuck in our heads when we left Vietnam. The people and there generosity. I constantly read about how rude the Vietnamese are and I find it hard to be believe. It ranks high on our list too!

  4. The people are amazing. Photograph journey began in 2005 and 06. I’m due back. This country grabs you from within. There isn’t a day that goes bye that VN isn’t on my mind. I began blogging on Vietnam daily, source of continuing the journey until I go back to live for a few months. I enjoy your blog daily.

  5. Thank you for this post. I still don’t understand why Vietnam has such a bad reputation- I was there for three weeks and enjoyed the people, places and food as much as in neighbouring countries. And I know I want to go back.

    • Anthony Reply

      Glad you enjoyed the article. I don’t understand why Vietnam gets a bad wrap as well. As I said above, we were treated with the upmost respect and kindness throughout our trip. We loved it and we can’t wait to go back.

  6. The kindness of people in foreign places can be quite humbling at times. It is nice to read about positive experiences.Most of us who travel do experience this many times. I enjoyed reading your blog post.

    • Anthony Reply

      Thanks Lyn, We did have a really positive experience in Vietnam and we can’t wait to visit again. Elise and I were just talking about our motorbike trip to some other travellers and got excited about Vietnam all over again! Love it!

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