Photo Tour & Canon 650D Review

I wipe a bead of sweat from my upper lip as the muggy Northern Territory heat is taking its toll on me. We are cruising along the Yellow Water Billabong and observing nature at its best. The tour leader whispers over the loud speaker that there is a Eagle up ahead to our right and I feel my photography nerves creeping all over me. We soon realise that the eagle is feeding and in it grasp it holds a huge fish. I am now looking down the barrel of the new Canon 650D and snapping away. The giant bird pauses for a moment, takes a look at the 20 or so onlookers in our boat and launches into the air…..

Canon 650D

Canon 650D captures an eagle in flight

Luckily I have the Canon 650D set to a high shutter speed and I capture every moment of the flight. I’m lovin’ my new toy from Canon.

Canon 650D

Canon 650D

Where are we

I have been shooting with Canon cameras ever since I can remember and Elise and I are overjoyed when we were asked to come along on this trip to test out the lastest of the Canon range. We are on a Top End Tour courtesy of Tourism NT and Canon Australia and we are loving every moment of it. I am like a kid in a candy store with all this new camera equipment and amongst the range is the latest Canon 650D.

Canon 650D

Canon 650D Photo of the sunset

The Canon 650D is being branded as the perfect entry-level camera for the photo enthusist. It is exactly that with many auto functions which make shooting on a DSLR extremely easy. There are enough manual modes to get your feet wet once you feel comfortable to move on to a higher level of shooting. The camera is lightweight but sure packs a punch.

Canon 650D

Elise shooting with the Canon 650D


High Quality Images
18.0 mega pixel CMOS sensor

LCD Screen
3.0” Vari Angle LCD screen, perfect for odd angles and shooting video. (My favourite feature)

Creative Filters
Fish Eye, Soft Focus, Toy Camera, Grainy B&W, Miniature, Art Bold and Water Painting effects.

Record video in FULL HD. Now using high speed AF.

Huge range of ISO (100-12800).

Canon 650D

Canon 650D Miniature Creative Filter


When I first given the camera, it took a little time to get used to the layout as I usually shoot with a Canon 60D, but after spending a few minutes getting accustomed to the new settings I found myself actually liking the new setup.

canon 650D

Canon 650D shot of Jim Jim waterhole

Touch Screen Focusing
The Canon 650D has a new function that is yet to be released on any other camera which I was most excited about. When shooting video, you are now able to touch the screen to focus on subjects during recording. This is a major advance which limits the camera shake when trying to follow focus on a moving subjects. I had also brought along my Canon 60D on the trip and when shooting video I found myself wanting this function on my own camera. What a great addition to the range. Can’t wait for it to be rolled out across all Canon cameras.

Canon 650D

Canon 650D Beautiful DOF


Canon 650D

Fly shot on the Canon 650D


Vari-angle Screen
I have been using the Canon 60D for 1 year and I love the articulating screen and I was glad to see this has been carried forward on the Canon 650D. This allows you to shoot angles you would otherwise shoot blind until you got the shot that you wanted. It it a definite must when shooting video and allows you to get some cool low and high angles of your subject. This is a great feature and once you get used to the vari-angle screen it will be hard to go back to a normal LCD screen

Shooting in Low Light
The Canon 650D is packed with a huge ISO range for a entry-level camera which enables you to the get the shot you want in some of the darkest situations. I found little noise was visible when combine with a 50mm 1.4 lens, shooting in almost darkness and ISO cranked to the max. mm

Canon 650D

Canon 650D Low light shot


Headphone Jack
It would of been nice to have a socket for headphones so that you can monitor audio when recording video. This is a must when it comes to video production and a little annoying when you get back to edit you video and the sound is terrible. Only a small pet peeve.

Check out the video below I shoot on the Canon 650D and also the Canon D20.


This is the perfect entry-level camera which also boasts some of the more technical features which can be found on the pro-level Canon cameras. The Canon 650D has a lot of bang for your buck and you can’t go wrong with this price range and the quality of the photos produced from this dynamite of a camera. You can find out more about the product features here.

Which feature would you use most on the Canon 650D?

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6 Responses to Photo Tour & Canon 650D Review

  1. GORGEOUS shots! LOVE Cannon!!!

    • Anthony Reply

      We love Canon too! Our fav Camera to take travelling!

  2. great shots… especially in the spider! it’s like Nat Geo!…

    • Anthony Reply

      Thanks, but to be honest the camera must take most of the credit. It is a great starter DSLR!

  3. Nico Reply

    My camerawoman actually uses it for recording news packages for TV, so the movie quality is good enough for CNN. As for the problem with the microphone, they sorted it out on the new version ;)

    • Anthony Reply

      Glad they have sorted out the mic problem. I thought the video quality was very good to. A little trouble when focusing on subjects in video mode with the tap screen but I may just need to get used to it.

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