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We had been living in Tulum Mexico for 4 months and it was time to pack our bags as we had an itch to get back on the road and see a little more of Mexico. We made a decision to go to San Cristobal on a travellers recommendation who just arrived in Tulum from San Cristobal. She said that she got stuck in there for two months as it was such a wonderful small town that just had something about it.

We arrived in San Cristobal and were happily surprised at how Colonial the town was. It was like stepping into a small little town in Spain, walking down the cobble stone streets which are lined with restaurants and bars, I could easily seeing myself relaxing here watching 2 months drift by easily. Our friend was correct – we were already drawn in from our first encounter just walking the streets from our Bed and Breakfast.

Churches in San Cristobal de las Casas

Zocalo in San Cristobal de las Casas

As always we research the places we are going to stay before making a commitment, and on this occasion we had received a recommendation from our Facebook community that Le Gite del Sol B&B was the place to stay. We hardly ever make a booking so when we arrived on the doorstep we were happy to find that there was one private room available with a bathroom.

Le Gite del Sol B&B is run by a Canadian-Mexican couple who are extremely friendly and helpful with everything that we needed. The bonus is that the owner speaks English, Spanish and French and is willing to go above and beyond for all your needs. We were very impressed with how the ownder attended to all the guests.

Bed And Breakfast

Common Area of the Hostel

The rooms are quaint and clean and the room we stayed in had twin beds and an adjoining bathroom with hot running water 24hrs a day. Coming from Tulum where we had limited hot water, it was nice to get really hot shower which had some pressure. I think our first shower was a little long as we had to savour the feeling of being super clean again!

There is also a roof-terrace which is bathed with the afternoon sun and great to view the city’s skyline and read a book. Each of the rooms has wifi connection which is a definite must for us when need to work on our website and online projects.

Inside our room at Le Gite del Sol

Inside our room at Le Gite del Sol

Breakfast is included in the cost of your room and the staff were great with understanding each of our requests. We indulged each morning on the delicious fruit platter with yoghurt and granola served with piping hot tea or coffee. You can also get bacon and eggs or the simple continental style breakfast if you desire.

While in San Cristobal we went exploring each day to the large handicraft markets and which are run by the indigenous people of the area. There are Churches dotted throughout this town and two which are located atop hills. (why is it that tourist destination are always at the top of a huge hill?!) The view is magnificent from these churches as you can see the city buzzing around down below you. Well worth the walk up the stairs!

Surrounding San Cristobal are some amazing natural wonders and the best advantage about staying at Le Gite del Sol B&B is that they can book any tour you are interested in directly from the Hostel. We also checked with some other tour companies in the main street and the owner makes no commission on the sale of your tour, they do all the organising for you so you don’t have to run around trying to find the best deal. The Owners are very knowledgeable about the surrounding areas and answered all our questions and requests even though we didn’t end going on the horse ride into the mountains.

Owner of hostel

Helping us with bookings

They can organise tours to the Palenque Ruins which is approximately 5 hours away, or if you are heading into Guatelamala, they can organise bus transfers directly from the the B&B’s front door over the border to Lake Atilian in Guatemala. We just recently made this trip and the tour company they used to get us into Guatemala was great.

If your looking for a slice of charming Spanish influence on you next Mexcian Holiday, I would definitely recommend going to San Cristobal for a few days to enjoy the restaurants, bars and the assortment of markets that the indeginous people have to offer. A quiet little town bustling with a big heart.

While we did receive a discount when staying at Le Gite del Sol B&B all thoughts and opinions are our own. For all the most up to date information on pricing and reservation inquiries visit Le Gite del Sol B&B.

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