Scottevest Jacket Review & Giveaway

We were over the moon when Scottevest contacted us to review their jackets. Their jackets are ones we have really wanted for a long time and I wanted to see if it matched up to our expectations of being able to travel and leave your day pack behind. Take a read of what I thought and don’t forget that you can enter to WIN a men’s and women’s jacket for yourself. All you need to do is comment on this article and ‘like’ our review on Facebook.

Scottevest Review

Scottevest Mens Revolution Plus Jacket

The History Of Scottevest

Scottevest has been around for 10 years  and have a reputation for being a quality jacket that has more than enough pockets to hide all your belongings. Scott and Laura own and run the company and have launched a range of products to help travellers store all their belongings in one convenient jacket.

Scottevest review

Elise wearing the Scottevest Lola Jacket

Their product range has grown substantially over the years and now they are launching some really trendy everyday urban wear jackets. I am very excited to see where the next 10 years takes them.

Scottevest review

Scottevest Revolution Plus Hood

The Products Available

Scottevest has a wide range of products now available from expedition jackets, urban jackets and a huge range of pants and T-shirts too. Who would have thought you could have hidden pockets in a T-shirt!? Well, Laura and the designers have come up with unique pocket inclusions in all their products and it just amazed me how they continue to keep the style of these garments, which is at the forefront of their designs. There are too many products to list, so for a comprehensive look at all their products you can visit their website.

Scottevest Review

Scottevest Lola Jacket inside

The Pockets

This is the first jacket that I have ever worn that houses 26 pocket! Yep, you heard right… 26! They are located throughout the garment and are placed in the most convenient areas for easy access. There are also some sneaky ‘pockets within pockets’ for extra safety for your passport and money if needed. These jackets hold belongings such as iPod, iPhone, iPad, sunglasses, camera, passport, wallet, water bottle, keys…The list just goes on and on. The only thing you can’t carry is the kitchen sink!

Scottevest review

Pockets in the Revolution Plus Jacket

My Thoughts

We were lucky enough to be sent one mens Revolution Plus Jacket and Elise received the women’s Lola Jacket. Each of the jackets we noticed were made extremely well. You can see from all stitching, to the design of the jacket, everything has been thought of. What can I say…this jacket is very hard to fault and if you know us from our previous reviews we tell you the truth if we don’t like a product. The jacket has a snug tailored fit that hugs the body and you would never know that the jackets housed so many pockets internally and externally. I loaded up my jacket with all the items that I would if I were travelling overseas or taking a flight and you could barely tell that I had anything under my jacket.

Scottevest review

Scottevest iPad pocket

This is great for the security aspect of your belongings and it also allows you to leave the day pack at home if you can carry everything on your body. The only thing to criticise would be that the women’s arm length on the Lola jacket were a little long, now this may only be due to Elise’s incredibly short T-Rex arms!

Scottevest Review

Scottevest Key chain Accessory

I will be giving my jacket a huge test drive when I go to America. I will attempt to have limited carry on and only will be carrying my dslr camera in a bag and the rest of my belongings will be in my jacket. I am looking forward to the road test out and about in the States! I will let you all know how it goes in the next couple of months.

The Giveaway


You have a chance to WIN 2 jackets valued at $390! Scottevest, in conjunction with Positive World Travel are giving away 1 Men’s Revolution Plus Jacket and 1 Women’s Lola Jacket.

To enter just follow these 2 easy steps below.

1. Comment on THIS article below and tell us what you would put in your Scottevest pockets?

2. Share this article on Facebook by clicking “Like” on the left or at the end of this article.

Terms & Conditions

We encourage multiple entries (only one comment, per person, per day)
This competition is open worldwide
Winners will be chosen using
Winner will receive 1 Revolution Jacket Plus, 1 Lola Jacket
Competition closes 10pm (EST North America) March 9th 2012

So what are you waiting for, comment below and “like” to WIN! It’s that simple!

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172 Responses to Scottevest Jacket Review & Giveaway

  1. Wow! This looks like a great product! I have to go out and find a place that carries them and check it out in person!

    Thanks for the review, I’m looking forward to your followup review from your America trip.


    • Marybeth Forteza Reply

      I’d stuff my iphone, chapstick, powerbar, headphones, and cash. Definitely LOVE the inside pockets. way clutch.

    • andrea stevens Reply

      I just bought a lightweight, women’s travel vest and am loving it already, though I haven’t yet taken it on a trip. No more carrying a purse when running errands, going shopping!

    • mjm Reply

      I am a big fan of Scottevest products. Love the concept.

    • Karen De Marco Reply

      I am interested in these jackets for my daughter and son-in-law. They have figured out how to travel for months with a backpack. These jackets would be perfect for day trips when they can’t leave their belongings in their room/tent. What a cool and inventive idea!

  2. Thanks for the great review Positive World Travel!

    • Anthony Reply

      Glad to review great products such as Scottevest. You have been extremely innovative in your design and it a pleasure to wear this garment :)

  3. I definitely would like to try these jackets in my work at photographer with my wife. Most of the time we need to travel without so many stuff.
    I love the Scottevest jackets!!

  4. I’d stuff an iPad, iPhone, camera, maybe a notebook/pen, food (for my girlfriend), and countless other things in the crazy number of pockets!

  5. I just recently found this line of clothing and love the concept! I hope to be able to purchase one soon. I would fill my pockets with sand and shells that I collect on my travels as well as travel documents,snacks,water,bounce cards,reflector,extra compact flash cards, a flash, perhaps another lense,lense cloth, small notebook and pen,keys,wallet,and smartphone!

  6. I’d carry my phone, my notebook, water (because I am never without h2o) pens, my kindle (i’m a book worm), a swiss army knife, make up ( the extra pockets are srsly fab for this lol), my ipad (i loooove that extra pocket) charging cables, flash drive, and then I’d run around and find more things to add just because I could lol*

  7. Wow what an incredible giveaway!!! I would put my iPhone, Kindle Fire, headphones, and some chocolate in my pockets. :)

  8. Good looking models! rawr!!!

  9. I would put some Beer cans in the pockets so I could drink cheaper at the bars.

  10. All the little items that usually go in a daypack. Looks like a great idea.

  11. I would stuff the pockets with money and passport (to keep them close), camera, iphone, luggage locks, and as much food as possible

  12. Looks like a great product and a great opportunity to win them. I love all of the pockets and all those valuables that I don’t want to leave anywhere, i.e., my Kindle, passport, etc. would have a great home. I’ll check out their website.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. I like your goal to try and pack everything in the jacket pockets, but I know that would never work for me (that might be a long uncomfortable flight to America), but i think the inside pockets would be great for keeping all your valuables safe, so passport, wallet, ipod, camera, phone for sure.

  14. Rachel and I have been looking into these exact jackets for a while now! It’s so helpful to have your full review, and to see your photos. I absolutely love the idea of leaving my daypack behind and housing everything I need right in my jacket. We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed!

    Side note – let us know if we can lend any thoughts for your upcoming trip to the States. To which parts are you headed?

    - Jim

  15. Yay – finally a jacket to hold my camel pack and yoga mat! Just kidding, I bet I could find a way though ;) Thanks for this great giveaway!

  16. This Jacket= is not only cool it’s too cool :D

  17. I could do with one of those for my upcoming trip! Would love a pocket for my iPad!

  18. I couldn’t agree more about the Revolution Plus! I traveled throughout my trip in Portugal back in Nov 2010 with this jacket and I basically didn’t have to carry any of my equipment because of all the amazing pockets it has. Also when it started raining, all I had to do was zip up and put the hoodie over my head and not a drop of rain penetrated this incredible jacket. This is a must have product! traveling through Galicia, Spain next month wearing this incredible product!

  19. I just ordered my 3rd SEV piece yesterday. (Love their sales!) But who doesn’t want/need more?!?!?!

  20. I’d put my multivitamins and mints with me while traveling woo-hoo!

  21. I’d put my ipad in there for sure.

  22. Wow, that’s a lotta pockets! Considering buying an iPad when the new one is released and this would give me a place to put it haha.

  23. I took a Scottevest to South Africa and it held all of my camera gear in addition to snacks, water and all the little stuff my wife needed but didn’t want to carry. GREAT product!

  24. I’d definitely use it for my maps, ipad, camera, reservations, tickets, notes, business cards, overall anything to keep my hands free and my backpack at home! I always appreciate knowing my stuff is reachable and unobstructive when I travel.

  25. Passport will fit nicely.

  26. The more I look at these, the more I’m convinced it’ll be perfect for me, I’d put some snacks in the little pockets ;) Snickers perhaps! :P

  27. I’m sure I could stuff a change of clothes in this jacket!

  28. This jacket sounds great. I would load up the pockets with cash, my mp3 player, phone, notepad, pencil, and all sorts of all stuff!

  29. It would be great to have the option of not carrying a purse and stuffing everything in pockets instead. Especially when sight-seeing.

  30. I have a Scottevest jacket and totally love it (just gave it its real test run on a trip to Malaysia). I want more! I’d put my nook, ipod, passport and cash in there.

  31. I could put my little (2lb) papillon puppy in my pocket!

  32. I could use this jacket as a picnic basket!

  33. One pocket just for my camera.

  34. I’d carry my much needed Burt Bee’s lip balm. and maybe a few more to share with others :P

  35. Practical and stylish… That’s my idea of ideal travel clothes.

  36. Interesting review. Great to see Scottevest products doing well and getting some positive reviews!

  37. iPad2 definitely. I also use one of the inside pockets for my collection of gift cards (in lieu of cash).

  38. Thanks for the great review! I’ve been salivating over scottevest garments for ages, trying to decide what to buy first. I would put the contents of the daypack I carry every day in my pockets: voice recorder, USB drives, SD cards,lip balm, medication. sunscreen, android tablet, magazines, book, water bottle, umbrella, camera, pen, pad, timetables, spare phone, cards, chocolate, and spare bag.

  39. The scottevest clothes are seriously cool, I’ve had my eye on them for a long time. Good luck to whoever wins this great prize…

  40. Could have a whole pocket just for snacks.

  41. Textbooks and notebooks? Endless possibilities.

  42. Great feature: Both jackets are machine washable — so check all those pockets before washing!

  43. I’d put my “Light My Fire” Spork in a scottevest pocket! :)

  44. It could probably fit my flask ;)

  45. I’d put an iPod in my pocket :)

  46. A chocolate bar in my pocket always makes my day :)

  47. I absolutely in aw with it, a male friend of mine use it during our Europe travel and with all his things, he manage to carry my camera as well! Now, I want to get a ladies scottevest. Hopefully they do ship to Malaysia

  48. Credit cards and my smaller camera lenses. Do you need anything else? :)

  49. Couple of magazines and the waterproof NIV

  50. Pockets are great for maps during traveling!

  51. I wonder if a grocery store would let me use this as a tote to take home my groceries?

  52. One pocket just for my sunglasses.

  53. I’d carry sunglasses! :)*

  54. Great jackets!

    I’d put in mine my iPod, sunglasses, my wallet and a lighter.

  55. I would try to pack as many of my belongings into the pockets to ease up the weight of our carry on luggage. Sneaky!!

  56. Perhaps folders for schoolwork?

  57. I would pack everything that normally goes in my purse along with travel specific items (like earplugs and eye mask).

  58. I’ve worn the tropical Scottevest to over 15 countries, but I’ve been waiting and waiting for a cold-weather jacket for women. In my old jacket I’ve carried my superzoom camera, waterbottle, book, passport, a book, even my netbook and a rolled up painting. With a Lola I’m excited to go skiing and be able to my water bottle without getting my camera wet with my ski gloves, or crush it when I fall on my butt skiing. I’d also carry snacks, my wallet, sunglasses, SD card…all things that I would normally be hesitant to bring on the ski slopes.

  59. Great review as always and what can I say? Scottevest have produced the greatest clothing out – I love these items and am a fan, wearing at least one of their products EVERY day!

  60. I recently purchased my first Scottevest product (trench coat). I do love it. I’m thinking I need more items, and this review makes me salivate. Will be fun to travel and carry more things on my body instead of a bag. Security should be tons easier, too. It’s the little things, you know? Just knowing my keys are attached to the loop in the pocket just makes me feel easier.

  61. I travel . . . A LOT! Getting through airport security has always been somewhat of a “game” to me. Now, with my ScotteVest Travel Vest the game has become much easier to “play.” This is the best thing since plastic belt buckles!

  62. What a way to beat the money grabbing cut-price airlines like Ryan Air with their minuscule carry-on limits. I would load the coat with a kindle, travel docs, iPod, camera, phone, toiletries and anything else that would fit and then board the plane with a small, lightweight bag with clothes.
    Yahoo for a way to beat the robbing airwaymen!!! Go Scottevests!!!

  63. Android phone, iPhone, Headphones, money, passport.

    Set for music and travel just like that!

  64. As an active Mom and Dad to two sets of twin Boys (all under three), we need all the free hands we can spare. Everywhere we go is a contingency operation :-).

    We would use the SeV jackets as a covert diaper bag/day pack.

    We’d use them to carry diapers, wipes, diaper rash creams, first aid kits, drinks, snacks, toys, iPads, cell phones, sunglasses, keys, flashlights, and to carry whatever “treasures” our boys found along the way.

    Thanks SeV and Positiveworldtravel for this opportunity to win!

  65. I use my scottevest for daily hauling. Always have a book, my phone and a camera. Also easy to add a water bottle plus a great pocket for sunglasses.

  66. kudos to Scottevest for a great product. I would load up on all the gadgets & snacks needed for a long airline flight, so I won’t have to be accessing my carry-on bag.

  67. Love sev. I got the fleece 5.0 then ordered another vest a month later!

  68. SeV is like having a hands free portable office.

  69. I got my second Scottevest for Christmas from my kids. I had purchased one in Red Rock, and now I have the Berry vest too. I love them! (The kids and I got my husband a tropical jacket for Christmas too–he’s in for a real treat!) The travel benefits are obvious, but I discovered another great use for mine–midnight shopping on Black Friday. With hundreds of people in the store, there was no chance of a cart, so it was great to not need to carry a purse. Since then I’ve worn it while shopping several times. Freedom!

  70. This would be great for carrying a phrase book/dictionary when I travel abroad.

  71. I’d take a pair of Keen sandals with me to work in this jacket, so I could slip out of my loafers and into some sweet comfort.

  72. I’ll be carrying my camera, because you never know when you’ll want to take a picture :D

  73. I could put a magazine in the big pocket.

  74. I wonder if one of the pockets could fit an umbrella…

  75. I would definitely use it for storing camera gear!

  76. My e-reader, an umbrella, I used the key chain bungy to keep my camera safe and readily available – also travel documents – airline boarding passes

  77. What a great coat for artists and writers as well. You can pocket your pads, pencils, pens and watercolors. Just keep the jacket packed and ready to go. If Wordsworth, Thoreau or Monet had more pockets we may have seen more poetry, essays and art from them!

  78. I carry a hard cover book, my wallet, a phone plus water and snacks.

  79. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches… lots and lots of them along with my iPhone.

  80. I’d carry some trail mix and my mp3 player for a hike:)

  81. Taking our Scottevest coats on our “Trip of a Lifetime”, I have the new Woman’s trench coat, the women’s Essential jacket, my husband has the 5.0 Fleece and the Rveloution….with these jackets and 1 carry-on we plan on travelling Europe for 7 weeks… husband is a Heart Transplant Receipent and we are going for the gusto with Scottevest….thanks for a great product!! Love them!!

  82. Put each of my boarding passes in a separate pocket!

  83. I’m always losing a pen. So I would have that in my pocket.

  84. I would bring all personal info stuff that I would need in inner pockets

  85. This is a great travel product. I wouldn’t worry about setting my bag down in the airport.

  86. Especially in light of what recently happened to Anthony, I might add. Sorry, had to mention this. Good to hear that you didn’t lose much.

  87. I can have my Costanza wallet in there!

  88. This would be a great jacket for campaigning! I could carry literature in one pocket and snacks in all of the others!

  89. I’d carry some antibacterial in one of my pockets :)

  90. I like that I can feed earbuds through the jacket so wires are not hanging out.

  91. Will it hold my DSLR? :)

    If not, I’ll put my filters and smaller lenses in all those pockets. And my Galaxy Nexus.

  92. I can put both my reading glass and driving sunglasses in different pockets!

  93. Having so many pockets inside protects valuables against pickpockets as well. One less thing to worry about when visiting crowded markets.

  94. I’d carry my kindle, cos I’m a bookworm XP

  95. I could carry so much in this jacket. Would love to win both, so my girlfriend can carry her own stuff in her own jacket, haha. That would free up my pockets to put more gadgets in!

  96. I would put my reading book in this pocket.

  97. I could keep a water bottle in one of the pockets. I like that the jacket is made to balance weight.

  98. Knife and fork for those who love to eat!

  99. I would put most of my purse in this jacket pocket.

  100. I’d be tucking away my ear buds so I can groove to some tunes~ :)

  101. My girlfriend is a real bookworm! I will carry all of her books and snacks for a picnic!

  102. It’s pretty cool that you can control your iPhone right through the phone pocket.

  103. A-MAZING Jacket!

    Since I’m a video guy myself I’d put my camera, usb keys, i-phone, headphones, an extra memory card, zip locks to protect them, my super thin water proof bag, my passport, ID and some cash. Now…to somehow get my macbook in there….
    OH..and my spork! Don’t leave home without it.

  104. My Scottevest would hide a multitude of things, and the best part is, no-one would know. My Ipod and earphones would definitely be in one of the compartments.

  105. If I won these jackets, I would put my lipstick, sunglasses, and energy bar, an orange, a banana and maybe a doughnut in those extra pockets. Then I’d go buy a kayak to put in that big side pocket. Yeah!

  106. Well, this would definitely replace my daypack, so I’d have my iPad, a Portuguese book and some cashews.

  107. Good looking jacket! I’d stuff it with my iphone, camera, and maybe some mangos haha :)

  108. I love the fact that Scottevest allows me to travel without my purse! :-)

  109. Great review. I just got my first jacket from SeV,the Fleece 5.0, and I love it. I’m on a strict nutritional plan now and carry food with me to supplement what I eat out and that required me to carry a bag a lot of places but now I just put it in my pockets and I’m covered. I’m tempted to get some of their slacks now too!

  110. I love these jackets! I’d use these pockets to store everything from my purse. Phone, Ipod, camera. The possibilities are endless! :)

  111. I could have a deck of cards in there. Never know when you might need to entertain!

  112. Great looking jacket that I would fill with my iPhone, MP3 player and earphones, cash and cards for an urban run and maybe a flask of bourbon…

  113. This is an awesome jacket! I hate carrying purses and bags everywhere so this would make life so much easier.

  114. I carry my iPad, iPhone and my digital camera for our Safari in Tanzania in my Tropical Jacket with removable sleeves

  115. I would put my water bottle in a pocket.

  116. Gummi Bears, my guilty pleasure ;)

  117. This would be a great jacket to relive the childhood fun of collecting different types of leaves for a scrapbook!

  118. I wonder if a DSLR sized camera and lens could fit in the big pocket.

  119. I don’t need to worry about losing things out of my pocket anymore with this.

  120. I still carry paper photographs, and this is a great way to keep them protected, yet close at hand for sharing.

  121. The womens Lola jacket is very stylish. I love heading out during the day and not having to take a daypack. It would be great for that.

  122. I can’t believe it will hold an iPod even! That would be great for airports so you can just have all of your electronics (metal) in the jacket to go through security. I hate emptying my pants pockets (where I currently carry my phones, headset, camera etc.)

    I don’t usually travel with a tablet but this could make it more reasonable for sure.

  123. I could have my medicine in there…

  124. Since I don’t bring a water bottle with me everytime, I do like to put in a magazine in my right pocket to even out the weight (iPad on the left side).

  125. I would fit a memo pad in my pocket.

  126. This would be a great jacket to take trick o’ treatin’ with the kids! Lots of pockets for candy!

  127. I’d find some place to tuck a pack of sour patch kids yum~

  128. I wonder if its easier to just to keep a set of earbuds always in the jacket instead of fishing them in/out all the time.

  129. It would be great to have this during the cold/allergy seasons. It has a pocket to hold cough drops and tissues when you need them.

  130. I would put all of my gadgets

  131. When not traveling, instead of my travel documents, I use the inside left pocket for whatever cash I’m carrying.

  132. My favorite book!

  133. Great products! I would put my wallet, passport, a book, lip gloss, keys and subway pass in the pockets. Would love the Scottevest Lola Jacket!!

  134. Wouldn’t have to keep my wallet in my pants anymore.

  135. Id find a safe pocket to keep my shades in :)*

  136. This jacket would be perfect for packing up a nice lunch! The girlfriend could fill her jacket with her necessities.

  137. The nostalgic in me would put in a small NT Bible. Wonder if I can get one in waterproof?

  138. I’d use one pocket for holding movie tickets and spare change.

  139. I could probably keep a swiss army knife in there!

  140. I would put my day planner in a pocket.

  141. I’d put my ipod, lipbalm, sunglasses, wallet and camera in the pockets.

  142. I’d probably have a pocket for basic first aid supplies.

  143. it’d hold my wallet, keys and psp(game system)

  144. I’d find a safe pocket to keep my license, keycard, and CC, who needs a wallet when you have a scottevest

  145. This would be great for picking apples with!

  146. All my tech, camera gear, ID…

    and all the money I would save from not buying new jackets :)

  147. This could make a great gift. What fun to unwrap a jacket, and then find out there’s more in the pockets!

  148. I don’t carry a pocket camera, but I do use that inside pocket for my accessories, USB to 30-pin connector, flash drive, extra headphone.

  149. I would put my chapstick in a pocket

  150. Just thought of this now, maybe I could have the new ipad3 in there!

  151. I have my MARTA Breeze cards in the ID pocket

  152. Looks awesome, I’d love one!

  153. It would definitely be holding my Galaxy tablet, some mints, business cards and a few extra bucks…

  154. Store it all in your jacket. Thats how skinny people look like they have gained weight :P

  155. These jackets look awesome for traveling! I do love me some pockets :-)

  156. Nice to read your review on the Scottevest’s. I’ve had Scottevest envy for awhile now!

  157. Looks great, thanks

  158. Yes please! It’d keep my netbook, phone, 3DS, a book…

  159. Love the look of the jackets. A friend pointed me to the Scottevest at a trip and I’ve been trying to find a justification for one ever since. The pockets would hold my phone, tablet, and camera for plane trip!

  160. Well it would be the new Ipad3 that I have preordered, some keys, a deck of cards and anything else I need to find a spot for! :D

  161. Would be cool to be able to carry around so much stuff.

  162. This jacket would be great for high school football games. I could put gloves, a blanket, binoculars, phone, and food in the pockets!

  163. I’d carry a bar of chocolate :) cos I seem to always have chocolate cravings X)

  164. Is it possible to fold up the jacket into it’s own pocket like some mini backpacks and down jackets?

    Super pocketable, can also fit itself in a pocket!

    Failing that, passport, visa cards, a little cash, and a smartphone. I’ll carry the jacket if I need to hehe

  165. Mom says it is the best apparel ever invented or designed. It has earned her freedom back. She puts everything imaginable in her pockets from pills, eyeglasses, cell phone,ereader, ipad, earbuds, head phones, hat, gloves, scarf, the dog,( yes the dog she has a dog that weighs 1.5lbs) medical device, camera, itouch, more glasses, googles and more and she can still look good with out looking like the Michelin Man. I’m not so well equipped as my Mom, but I could use a vest or jacket at work to help hold all my tools that get left behind when I move on to the next job and keep me warm in the process because I am in and out of a building all day.
    My dog wouldn’t fit of course he weighs 180.

  166. Anthony Reply


    Thank you to all of you that entered. We will be announcing the winner shortly. Keep coming back to the website to see if you have won. Good Luck!

  167. Anthony Reply

    THE WINNER IS ANNOUNCED. Watch and see if you have won….

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