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There are many people that haven’t been camping before, and setting up a tent can be a daunting process. Don’t fear, let us take you through it step by step to insure that your first camping experience is a success!

There are a few simple steps that will make setting up your tent easier.


Ensure that when you pull out all the items out of the tent bag that you neatly place them separately so that you don’t confused and that everything is laid out in front of you, not on top of each other. Depending on what type of tent you are using you should have:

a. Inner tent
b. Outer tent
c. Tent poles
d. Tent pegs
c. Hammer (or hard rock for hammering in the pegs)

Preparing/Picking a Campsite

It is important that when you set up camp that you have a flat area that is on relatively high ground to ensure that if it rains you won’t be swept away in floods.

Make sure that you don’t set up at the top of a mountain as it will be to windy all night. Or at the bottom of a valley as it will be to cold and damp. Somewhere in between is preferable.

Now that you have found an area make sure that you clear it free from rocks and branches that could pierce your tent. I find that I use a dry branch as a broom and swept the area well first.

Setting up the Inner tent

Place the four corners (depending on your tent) down and spread them out so that the base part of the tent is on the ground. Peg out each corner of your tent, by pegging each opposite corner, then finishing on the other corners and if there are any central peg points as well.


Snap together your poles and ensure that you know which poles are for each section of your tent. Carefully run your poles through your inner tent and snap through the pole eyelet in each corner. Your tent should be taking shape now.

Outer Tent

Pull the outer tent over the inner tent and clip the outer tent to the tent poles. Then pull out the outer tent and peg out as far as possible to ensure there is distance between the inner and outer tent, to ensure a that any water doesn’t make your inner wet. Again start at one corner and then peg out the opposite corner then the other central points. Also there may be other guy ropes on the side of your tent that you can peg down or tie to near by trees to make you nights sleep a little more stable.

Tent Zippers

Make sure once you have set up your tent and place all your items inside that you zip up all entrance and exit points so that no insects get in to make for a relaxed mozzie free night.

Watch A Video

I hope this brief step by step lesson on setting up a dome tent has been of use. If you are having further trouble, you can also check out a video of us setting up our tent.

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