My First (And Last) Blizzard!

I guess you could say we were ‘lucky’ that we had a snow storm while in New York City. You see, Anthony and I had never experienced a white Christmas before. We wanted to be somewhere warming ourselves by the fire and sipping hot apple cider!

snow in myc

Snow In Central Park

The snow to us was fun and a novelty. As we would jump through the snow along the streets of Times Square I would see New Yorkers begrudgingly march on through. Just getting from point A to B. I guess I would be like them too if I had to put up with a lot of snow each year. The constant shoveling of your footpath, your car being stuck under feets of snow and the icy wind whipping at your face every time you step outside the door. Yes, it doesn’t sound like much fun at all. But, when you are only there for 2 weeks like we were, it was a blast! 

snow in nyc

The Worse Was Yet To Come!

The snow storm in 2010 happened on Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) and we went out early to play around in the snow as much as we could, despite blizzard warnings on the TV. Calls us naive tourists, because that is what we were. The snow New York City had that day was not like what the city normally receives. By about 1pm in the afternoon the sky was black, the snow was blowing sideways and it felt like the end of the world.

snow in nyc

Looking At This Picture Now, I Don't Know How It Was Fun!

To everyone who always experiences a blizzard each year, you are probably just rolling your eyes at me. But put yourself in my shoes…here was this little Australian girl from the sunburnt country surrounded by more snow than she had ever seen in her life!

snow in nyc

The Snow Just Wouldn't Stop!

With the sky as dark as the night, the streets deserted and the subway stations shut down, we were really not prepared on how we were supposed to get back to our apartment in Brooklyn!

snow in nyc

Pitch Black Sky With Snow

I was wearing only my rain jacket which seemed to do the job, but I was poorly fitted out in the shoe deparment. I only had my small Merrell shoes that were mostly mesh and in a desperate attempt to keep my feet dry was wearing 3 pairs of socks.

snow in nyc

Seriously...Who Wears Jeans And Joggers In A Blizzard!!

But…I digress, regardless of how we were dressed and how unusual it was for a snow storm of this strength to be hitting NYC in December, it was fun. Bone-chillingly cold fun…but fun. 

snow in nyc

Yep...It Didn't Ease Up!

Finally when we couldn’t see more than a metre or two in front of us, we decided to start heading home. When we finally did return to our apartment (after much more walking, 3 different subway lines and stopping to ask for directions) I had never been happier to get inside than I was at that moment. We had picked up Chinese takeaway on the way home and I was so ready to sit on the couch, watch TV and eat while the blizzard continued outside. 

snow in nyc

Trudging Home To Our Apartment

snow in nyc

Our Apartment Covered In Snow

Now again, I don’t know what I was thinking, but in my head I just assumed that the next morning when I woke up the snow would be gone. I didn’t really think where the snow was supposed to go, but I just figured it would have disappeared and we could get back to doing touristy things in New York, like taking funny photos of the Wall Street Bull. But oh…(suprise, suprise!) the snow was still there and it was everywhere. Cars were snowed in, fences were covered and when we eventually made it to Manhattan, Times Square looked completely different!

snow in nyc

The Morning After

snow in nyc

No One Was Going Anywhere!

snow in nyc

Times Square Plus Snow!

While the New Yorkers got angry because they couldn’t get to work or their streets weren’t being cleaned Anthony and I were like kids in a candy store! We built snowmen, had snowball fights  and took lots and lots of photos!

Our Snowman In Central Park!

I had been wishing for a white Christman as soon as we decided we were going to New York City and although it was a day late, my wish really did come true!

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2 Responses to My First (And Last) Blizzard!

  1. Tom Gurney Reply

    I am missing New York winters now, some fabulous photos here! These pics are nicely varied from the others that i normally see online of the great city.

    Thanks Elise!!

    • Elise Reply

      We had no idea how hard the snow would fall that day! It was intense! Although, it didn’t dampen our time in NYC in the slightest!

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