Songkran Festival

Thai’s celebrate their new year with a 3 day celebration in the style of a water festival known as Songkran. This year Anthony and I were lucky enough to in Bangkok for it.

When I was younger I had been to Chiang Mai with my family while the water festival was being celebrated. Despite what my parents read in their Lonely Planet as experiencing ‘flicks and droplets of water’, it was far from that. So, this time I was ready.

Day 1

Walking down Khao San Road we were excited about what to expect. Turning the corner we found hundreds of water guns for sale. We bought 2 straight away and ready to get involved! Left, right and centre people were splashing, spraying and squirting us with water that was either ice, ice cold or luke warm.

water festival

All Doughed Up!

The Thai’s also mix flour and water together to paint a sort of paint and splatter it on your face and clothes!

At first I felt rather shy to squirt water at a stranger, but after about 10 minutes of just getting saturated I lost all shyness and started to get them back! Music pumping from all the bars, you could easily mistake this scene for an outdoor music festival. After a few hours we were getting pruny on our fingers and cold so we headed back to our guesthouse, but knew we would be out there again tomorrow.

Day 2

We didn’t even bother putting new clothes on for the second day. Parts of our clothing was still damp from the day before with bits of flour stuck all over them. Not that it mattered-we would be wet again straightaway! Heading down Khao San laughing and wetting others, we came up against a guy who was spraying people with a gurney! Anthony and I looked at each other. Can’t go over it, can’t go under it, we’ll have to go through it! With our heads down we danced and screamed our way through!

Water Fight

Songkran Festival

Stopping along the way for a few beers and refills (which the Thai’s have down pat and charge 5 Baht for water refill!) we continued to make our way up and down the famous party street. It was funny to see other travellers walking past and doing the same thing as us and often before we hit them with our water I’d catch their eye and knew they were thinking the same as us which was, ‘Can you believe we’re here doing this?!’

Day 3

The final day. It was going to be a big one and Anthony and I were prepared to finish it with a bang!
Wet clothes on. Check
Water guns refilled. Check
Camera left in our room so it doesn’t get wet like last night. Double Check.
We were ready!


Khao San Road During Songkran!

The street was even more packed that the last two days. Everybody was out to make one last effort to fully enjoy the new year and its celebrations. We stopped outside Lucky Beer and for most of the night were happy to drink, dance and have water fights there.

As the night became later and later, we ended up packing it in and squeezing our way through the crows of people and home to dry clothes and a hot shower.

Feeling happy and exaughsted it was great to know we were in Thailand for the new year. One that is so different from  our own.

Songkran Festival. Check!

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  1. I think you’d have to be out of your mind to go to Thailand during the water festival.

    • Elise Reply

      No way! It is the best celebration in Thailand. Love it!

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