Online photo editing for travel photos


So your big trip is over and you might be feeling a bit low and down in the dumps upon your return home, wherever it may be. You find yourself going through your huge collection of photos reminiscing and realising that no one really knows the whole story to what could be big blocks of photos from the same night, the same motorbike trip, the same party or the like. How could you help friends and family back home understand the awesomeness of that particular night or that particular location? Read on to find out how!

Photo Albums

Sure you might think that the best way to let everyone in on the story is through a huge photo album with loads of details and little snippets of stories, but a lot of people will give huge photo albums a cursory glance and tell you how great it looked and basically humour you – either because the whole project is a bit large and overwhelming or they just don’t have time.

Whatever their reason, it can be useful to separate your photos in to great mini groupings for specific trips, nights, parties or the like, within a great photo montage. Great websites like can help develop amazing montages which can really highlight the best bits of your trip, party, or just any event. The photo montage tool allows you to group together related photos on a range of backgrounds – some of which you might find help in the telling of your various travel stories!

Photo Editing

You might wonder how photo editing could help get a point across in a collection of photos, but it really can. From tint, to highlighting colour to showcase JUST how blue that ocean REALLY was when you were there, photo editing can really help hammer a point home. We all know that photos are a slightly lacklustre substitute to the real thing, but editing them with some fantastic effects can help massively in the story department.

For example – tilt shifting photos – highlighting one specific part of the photo while blurring the rest can really help in getting people to understand the core concept of the photo and what specifically you were taking a picture of. Far too often it’s assumed you were taking a photo of the overall image, but often it was a specific thing and the background was merely an afterthought, so doing some tilt shift editing can really help highlight the main aspect of the photograph overall!

So there you are – two great reasons to use photo editing to help you to highlight the instrumental and key aspects or stories from a trip overseas. The best thing too is that these can help you kill time while you’re waiting to hear from call backs from potential jobs or while you’re waiting for school to start. So why not take advantage of some easy photo editing and edit those recent trip photos – you won’t regret the results!