WIN a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 & Telstra 4G Pack

I’ve often talked before about the joy of ‘logging off’ from the online world, travelling free, arriving at a destination and knowing nothing about it and seeing where your feet take you. To roam the streets, getting lost, following your nose, talking to locals and immersing yourself in what is around you. It all sounds so blissfully romantic and nomadic. And it is.


I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve longed to be able to log on to the internet and tweet to travellers, asking their accommodation recommendations, sights to see and places to eat before arriving at a destination. I’ve longed to be able to read through my RSS Feed and find snippets of useful information to help me plan my next adventure. After all, some of the best adventures Anthony and I have been on are from the posts written by various travel bloggers.

If we’d never logged on, there would have been times we would have missed out on being able to log off.

At its core, my personality is organised, planned and predictable (which is why travelling was probably one of the most liberating things I have ever done).  I like to be able to have a sense of where we are going next, have a few cafes or restaurants up my sleeve for a good meal and 3 things to do whilst we are staying somewhere.

Staying connected these days is becoming more and more important no matter what type of traveller you are. Even in the last 7 years Anthony and I have noticed a massive change in the way people travel and access information.

For example, on our first overseas trip as a couple, we headed to India, Nepal and Thailand. We still pick up guidebooks at hostels or we’d head into an internet cafe to send an email to loved ones at home.  However, fast forward only a few years later when we headed on our 2 year overseas trip and the amount of travellers with iPhones, netbooks and eReaders was vast. Internet cafe’s seemed to have dwindled and Wi-Fi signs were everywhere.

So, how can we keep up in this ever changing online world?

Recently, we were sent a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 which connects through a Telstra Mobile Wi-Fi 4G Device, valued at $1300! For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been able to connect and communicate faster than ever.

The benefits of 4G here in Australia, means that we are able to have the convenience of faster upload/download and streaming speeds than regular networks. Not only is this great for running our online business, but with more coverage, it also means we can be on the road and still successfully stay in touch when we need to.

Samsung Galaxy note 10.1

Samsung Galaxy note 10.1

Currently, the Telstra Mobile Network, covers 99% of the population across 2.2 million km2 including many rural communities and delivers faster speeds in more places. With Telstra you’ll enjoy more than double the 4G coverage of any other network. Telstra 4G is available in more than 100 metropolitan and regional centres, including all capital cities. It currently covers more than 40% of the population and is expanding fast.

Only the other week we went camping and thought it would be the perfect chance to test out the Samsung Galaxy and Telstra’s Mobile Wi-Fi 4G Device. Not only were we impressed with the speeds in capital cities, in more rural areas we were still able to get a signal and keep up with our travel blog.

Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

For The Tecchies

Connects up to 5 Wi-Fi enables devices simultaneously to the Telstra Mobile Network, such as your Smartphone Tablet, Laptop or PC.

Typical download speeds of 2Mbps to 40Mbps are available in all capital CBDs (meaning within 5km from GPO), associated airports and selected regional locations (meaning 3km from regional town centre).

External antenna ports for improved signal strength (external antenna sold separately)

Supports VPN for secure access to corporate networks and email

LCD display to easily access your Wi-Fi credentials

Get Involved And Win

Now it’s your turn to stay connected while you travel and be able to tweet, like and pin until your heart’s content!

The Prize

One Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet

Telstra Mobile Wi-Fi 4G Device with 12 GB of data to use across a 12 month period. Total prize value of $1300!

How To Enter

1. Click the Facebook ‘like’ button on the left of your screen.

2. Write in the comments below, your answer to the following question:

If you had a Telstra Mobile Wi-Fi 4G Device along with a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, where would you travel to in Australia and stay connected?

Terms & Conditions

Australian residents only.

One entry per person

Winners will be chosen using

Competition closes Sunday 21st April 6pm AEST.


Our winner has just been announced! Using, the names in the comments section were randomised. The first name on the list is….Cameron! Congratulations and we will be in touch shortly!

And the winner is…

Thanks to who all who entered!

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15 Responses to WIN a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 & Telstra 4G Pack

  1. julian Reply

    I would travel to Perth to hang put with my brother in law and not feel like I was in 1993. Reception at his place is like being in a bunker.

  2. Sailing on a yacht around the Whitsunday Islands :)

  3. I’d use it when we visit my parents in rural SA so we don’t use all their 250MB allowance in one night.

  4. If I am lucky to win, I would use my Telstra Mobile Wi-Fi 4G Device along with a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, in my planned coastal circumnavigation around Australia. I would like to stay in connection with all my web friends using internet in the privacy of my own hotel room, not relying anymore in internet cafes.

  5. I’d travel to the majestic Flinders Ranges.

  6. I’d start in Melbourne because it was my favorite city in Australia. Then I’d head all the way west and do whole west coast! Heard good things.

  7. I’d finally take the Indian Pacific from Perth (via. Adelaide – to see my family – and Broken Hill – to see my Nan!) to Sydney. I haven’t done it before because I worry that being on a train for so long would be a_ lonely, b_ boring, and c_ I’d get no work done!

    The Tesltra 3G device I have is awesome so I really should upgrade regardless of the outcome to a 4G device!

  8. I would travel to the beautiful Coomba Park. A hidden little place on the Wallis Lake. A place where family time is treasured and sharing this time is priceless….

  9. If I were to win, I would love to travel to Kakadu in the Northern Territory with them. No doubt they would be handy to use to upload a picture/s of my catch after a successful fishing session :)

  10. I would like to go to Xantippe in Western Australia. It is the only place name in Australia that begins with an “X”!

  11. Definitely the Northern Territory!! The amazing forest and desert landscapes, and over 40,000 years of rich, living Aboriginal culture. I would love to share a close encounter with a crocodile or try fishing in the Barramundi!

  12. Darwin to Katherine for sure- Capture and share the great sunsets and colours of the famed outback!

  13. I would love to take a walk through the lush green vegetation on Lord Howe Island and then catching dinner in the beautiful blue waters surrounding it

  14. I would travel to the Victoria Alps and walk the 400 km Alpine Trail.

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