3 steps to planning the perfect road trip

Due to current events going on in the world right now the travel industry has been put on hold, meaning it’s more than likely any holidays you did have, have been cancelled or rescheduled. This is obviously going to leave you feeling disappointed that a holiday you’ve been looking forward to, may no longer be going ahead. Although this is the case for many people, you can start to plan for future holidays when the travel industry starts to operate again.

One type of holiday you may want to consider is a road trip. Whether it’s in the UK or across Europe, a road trip allows you to visit more than one location and will make up for lost time. You may think that a road trip involves jumping in your car and driving to a number of different locations, but it requires a lot more preparation.

If you want to explore some of the picturesque locations right here in the UK, or maybe enjoy the array of different cultures across Europe; then here are some steps to planning the perfect road trip.

Step 1: How will I travel between each location?

It may seem obvious but it’s important to decide the best method of transport for your road trip. Most people will opt to use their own vehicle, which is the best solution, but is it capable of making the long journey ahead? During the planning stage of your road trip, you may want to book an MOT and service for your vehicle if it hasn’t already had one. This will mean that any potential issues will be picked up by a mechanic and they’ll be able to inform you if the vehicle can make the journey you’re planning.

Step 2: Which locations do I want to visit?

This is guaranteed to be the best part of planning a road trip; deciding where exactly you want to go. There is no better place to enjoy a road trip than right here in the UK. We have a never ending list of idyllic locations, packed with picturesque landscapes, beautiful nature and rich history. Whether you want to enjoy the busy atmosphere of cities such as London and Liverpool, to more relaxed settings such as Cornwall and the Lake District, the options are endless.

Step 3: Finalising the smaller details

Once you’ve chosen the locations you want to visit, you then need to sort the admin tasks such as where you’re going to start, where are you able to park your vehicle and purchasing tickets for any attractions you may want to visit. It’s important to do this well in advance as it not only means you can enjoy your road trip knowing everything has been sorted, but you can often get discounted rates for paying prior to your visit.

We’ve only included 3 steps to planning the perfect road trip, but it’s important to make sure you create a plan which is tailored to your trip. Allowing you to visit numerous locations and enjoy an alternative holiday; a road trip has to be a contender for your next getaway.