4 Water Sports You Should Try Your Hand at with Your Family and Friends

Enjoying the water is a global pastime that just about everyone can agree on. When you want to kick up the fun factor a bit and increase the activity level with your family and friends, there are many sports that can be incorporated into the water.

Here are 4 water sports that you should try your hand in at least once!

Water Sports That You May Not Have Tried Yet, But Should

  1. Water-skiing…barefoot! Once upon a time, being barefoot when you were water skiing meant that you messed up. But today’s intrepid water sports adventurers know that the fun actually starts when you lose the skis and hit the waves barefoot!
  2. Windsurfing – Not everyone has what it takes to be a professional surfer. The balance required just to stand up on the board knocks most people out of this sport before they can even enjoy riding the waves. But windsurfing combines the thrill of surfing with the stability of sailing.

While it’s not easy, having the surfboard affixed to a sail helps you balance. But then you have to control the board by using your sailing know-how based on the wind and water. There’s a reason it’s an Olympic sport, but you should try it at least once. You can enjoy it on Myrtle Beach or countless other vacation spots with Vacations Made Easy or watch the many competitions while you get the general idea of the sport.

  1. Wakeboarding – If barefoot water-skiing is beyond your taste for adventuring and you don’t have access to the types of waves that make surfing exciting, you may enjoy wakeboarding. It’s a combination of skiing and surfing in which you use a specially designed board that is towed behind a fast boat.

The board itself is designed to be manipulated by the rider with special weights and fins. It’s a sport that can be played on any large body of water, but it was originally designed so that people around lakes instead of oceans and snow could enjoy surfing and snowboarding.

  1. White-water rafting – A thrill ride to enjoy with your adventurous family and friends, white-water rafting is an extreme sport. Depending on where you go, there are different levels of difficulty in which an inflatable raft powered by you and your team is maneuvered through fast, often rough, waters.

It’s considered a vacation sport, but if you don’t have an expert with you who knows the area, the terrain, the weather, and the speed of the water, it can get dangerous. When you’re ready to try this sport, which you should at least once in your life, book it ahead on your vacation and go with a professional unless you’re an expert yourself.

Everyone Loves to Play in the Water

From simple swimming to extreme sports, the water has something to offer just about everyone. If you’re ready to kick up your fun and splash around with some water sports, try your hand (or feet) at these adventuresome water activities.