Gearing Up: Enhance Your Outdoor Camping Experience with These 4 Handy Gadgets

‘“Roughing it” doesn’t quite mean what it used to. Campers have high expectations in terms of convenience and comfort. The great outdoors is still inviting, but campers have a lower tolerance for the pain that goes along with adventuring.

According to 2018 report from Kampgrounds of America (KOA), “The total number of camping
households in the U.S. is now estimated at more than 77 million households, having grown by
more than 6 million since 2014. And those households are camping more than ever before.”

Inventors, designers, and retailers have stepped up to supply that demand. Marketing sees promise in the market and offers products that have changed camping for the better.

Gearing up with these 4 handy gadgets

  1. You can even buy espresso machines for camping, but the Power Practical Sparkris more convenient and necessary. A 400-lumen flashlight at one end and an electric plasma lighter at the other end.

It comes with a 3,350 mAh battery, but it’s also USB rechargeable. And, there’s a cap that turns into a flashlight diffuse that makes it a lantern. It’s also tough-built with rubberized plastic and anodized aluminum and lightweight at 6.4 oz.

  1. The Evins 20 in 1 Keyringpackages every tool you can imagine needing into one gadget. A multi-tool gadget takes up less space and contribute less weight.

A control panel in the middle switches the gadget from one tool to another. You get a bottle opener, bicycle wrench, glasses screwdriver, medium and small flathead and Phillips head screwdrivers, nail file, pry bar, razor-sharp cutting edge, and wrenches. And, all this hangs conveniently from your belt or backpack.

  1. With the PowerPot, you can generate electricity with heat and cold water. Innovative engineering created this incredible product with many possibilities for campers not to mention people in underdeveloped economies.

You will the pot with cold water and place it on a heat source — stove, campfire, or natural hot spring. The heat and cold water use their temperature difference to generate thermoelectric power, enough to generate power for 3 USB devices at once.

You need a heat source —  campfire, stove, sun, or even a natural hot spring. What’s important is that the liquid inside the pot is colder than the heat source it is placed upon as it is the temperature difference that generates the alternative energy. It uses the heat from your cooking to generate thermoelectric power which can power up to 3 USB devices at a time.

  1. If you are looking for a portable shower, you should consider durability, weight, and convenience. The Ivation portable shower puts a refreshing clean shower in your hands. You drop its pump into a water source — water bucket, basin, or local stream.

It pumps a steady 0.66 gallons/minute through a 6.5 foot hose to a showerhead for your comfort. It does not heat the water. But, it does filter the water. A simple on and off switch, suction cup support, and S-hook help you hang it where you want. Compact and portable, it charges within an hour from a car adapter or computer USB port.

Enhance your outdoor camping experience

USA Today reports, “Camping is an astonishingly popular summertime activity. On summer holiday weekends — Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day — many if not most campgrounds are filled. Those that accept reservations are booked months in advance. But weekdays are busy, too.”

You and your family can make camping and hiking your favorite pastime, getaway, or vacation plan. You’ll learn quickly how important it is to have compact, lightweight, and durable gadgets. The more innovative the product, the more comfortable your trip.