Hiking Ettiquette 101

Hiking is a fantastic activity to get involved in, it gives you the opportunity to take in some of the most beautiful parts of nature that you would never be able to see inside a car or tour bus. Hiking is the ultimate in getting in touch with the great outdoors, it is perfect for all ages and you don’t need to part with loads of cash in order to do it, simply getting some sturdy equipment map out your route and get on the trail. If you are new to hiking then the first thing that you need to understand is that, like many activities, there is a certain etiquette that you need to follow, this etiquette is there so that you are respectful to both Mother Nature and to other hikers and ramblers. Before you head out to the countryside, here is some hiking etiquette that you need to familiarize yourself with.


Trail Hierarchy

Hikers aren’t the only ones who will be using the trail and as such there is a hierarchy that you need to fall in line with. The general rule is horses, hikers and bikers, if you are on a narrow trail then it is important to give way to the horse riders, this is for everyone’s safety as well as for respect of these wonderful beasts, the last thing a horse and its rider needs is to be startled, this could cause the animal to buck and run which could cause an injury.

Let the Climbers Pass

If you’re on your way down a hill then you must give way to those coming up, you will know yourself that if you are on a steep incline then the last thing that you and your calfs need is to keep stopping and starting again. If you’ve already made the ascent and you’re traveling back down, then let the hard working climbers pass you by easily by stopping and moving aside.

To the Left, To the Left

When you are letting people pass you by, the general code is that you would move to the right and that people pass you on the left, this is particularly important if a bike is passing you by, the last thing you want is the spokes of a bike wheel running into your legs.

Leave no Trace

Make sure that you leave absolutely no evidence of your time on the trail, rubbish ruins the scenery and can be dangerous to wildlife. Even though fruit peel and cores can decompose, they can take a long time to do so, you may find some bins on the trail but these will be few and far between as there aren’t people to collect them, take a little bag with you and when you leave a spot, ensure that your garbage goes with you.

You’re not the Only One

If you want to take some tech on the trail then that is absolutely fine, just be respectful of others, don’t have music or videos blasting loudly when walking. Most who go hiking like to fill their senses with nature and having to listen to some dub-step whilst they walk is not everyone’s cup of tea, far from it.