Hiring A Celebrity’s Home For Your Next Holiday



If you’re looking to make your next holiday something super special but aren’t really sure how, you might start thinking about the usual suspects such as heading to the Caribbean or perhaps to Europe. While those places are great in and of themselves – they can actually be made even better by adding a few great, exciting things in. For example no trip to Europe is complete without perhaps stepping out to the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, but have you ever considered renting out a celebrity’s home as your accommodation while in one of the world’s great cities? Read more to find out how – and how staying in a celebrity’s home could be just the injection of spectacular your next trip needs!

Homes of the Greats

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to peek inside a celebrity’s home – perhaps one of the great ones of all time like Elizabeth Taylor or Merv Griffin? Well wonder no longer as through Schofield’s you can live like the greats for a week or more in Elizabeth Taylor’s swanky Casa Elizabeth Luxury Estate in Palm Springs for £372 per person per week, which is a steal considering it’s Elizabeth Taylor’s estate!

Perhaps you’d rather Merv Griffin’s palatial estate in La Quinta, complete with its own private pond and equestrian outfitting, perfect for horse lovers. Spread over 39 acres of privately owned land which costs £1,355 per person per week to stay there and sleeps up to 20 – perfect for a larger family gathering or family reunion!

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, what about staying in a sprawling estate once owned by Barbara Streisand, Orson Wells, and even David Bowie? This estate, nestled on the hillside overlooking famous downtown Hollywood has been home to several well-known celebrities such as those mentioned as well as Frank Sinatra and Rita Hayworth and comes with an impressive lagoon, four bedrooms and a jacuzzi. Perfect for a smaller group of people up to 8 for £455 a week each. California is most certainly home to a number of these great options for living like a star.

Perhaps you’re looking to get out of town a bit, and are more into a bit of a country escape in which case Willem DeFoe’s “Rubber House” in Accord, New York might be more up your street with it’s own private meadows and woodland, sleeping 4 for £586 per person per week including home cleaning service NYC. Kirstie Allsopp’s Devon getaway in the UK “Meadowgate” is likewise a perfect country escape for up to for people for only £248 per person per week.

Further Afield

Those are just a few examples of locations owned by stars in the US and UK that you can rent out for relatively cheap rates considering the estates and what comes with the home. For more luxury and a bit of a higher price tag you can live like a king on Richard Branson’s private estate in the British Virgin Islands for a cool £10,000 per person per week. For only £144 per person per week you could rent One Direction’s Ohana Pacific Yacht, or take off to the Turks and Caicos to stay at Christie Brinkley’s lush estate for £4,500 per person per week.

So there you have a couple of great suggestions on fantastic locations to fit a variety of budgets while staying at celebrities homes. What better way to make your next holiday stand out, or make your next family reunion really pop than by staying at one of these luxurious properties. So get your friends and family together for an experience none of you will ever forget!