Route 66 is well known for a range of attractions that present themselves along the road. There are a variety of attractions to engage your eyes, that include the Petrified Forest National Park. It has an interesting historical background as it was designed to be the first trans-continental highway in 1926. Many road trippers have travelled through this road for decades and up to now it has been a hub for road trips and travel.

For your road trip on route 66, you would need to do some planning ahead so that you know how to move around and tour the areas along. The road is not present on most of the maps and the road signs are not quite well placed. You should also consider mobility when planning for a road trip on route 66. You would need a vehicle that is strong and capable of going for long distances and through varied terrains. This will also be dependent on the number of people to travel as a family would need a spacious vehicle. The 2017 KIA Niro is a good vehicle to consider using on your road trip as it is strong and steady. You can rent a car through various websites.

You should as well put into consideration when to organize the road trip on route 66. This will depend on a range of factors including weather. The most recommended season to travel in would be during spring or autumn as summer months may be too hot for your road trip in the west. Winter months are also not quite favorable as ice and snow are produced at high intervals which would make your trip rather uncomfortable.

There are a wide range of attractions that will awe your eyes along route 66. Some of these attractions are so unique that you may only find them there and nowhere else. In Amarillo, Texas, there is a Cadillac ranch that has Cadillac cars fixed into the ground. In Arizona, you will see the Painted Desert that is perhaps the most beautiful thing you haven’t yet seen. The Painted Desert is near the Petrified Forest and the Grand Canyon.

At the start of route 66, you will sight see at the Grant Park, which is at Chicago. At Grant Park, you will get to see both the Lollapalooza and even Barack Obama’s 2008 election acceptance speech. The Grant Park is also the starting point of the main street of America. It hosted the 1893 world fair.

Route 66 has a lot of drive in stops including the famous 66 Drive-In. This is probably one of the few remaining drive-in theaters where you can catch a few movies. This will help you relax on your journey along route 66. It is tiresome and boring just to travel throughout without making a stop-over and thus this would be a good point to take a stop-over on such a long journey. You can find this at Missouri.

You will also see the Milk Bottle Grocery at Oklahoma City which is a giant milk bottle that is on top of a building that is no longer active. Indeed there a lot of attractions to engage yourself on route 66 and thus you should consider making a trip.