Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon

Make your holidays in Pamukkale memorable by participating in one of the most exciting and popular activities. Our Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon flight forms an excellent sightseeing experience in Pamukkale. Fly with a hot air balloon, witness an imposing sunrise, observe outstanding views over Pamukkale’s main sites, and feel an ample sense of freedom and romance.

The flight is conducted during the sunrise. Our team members offer transfer service from your place of accommodation to the area where the balloons are, during the early morning hours. The ride is short and is made with a comfortable and modern car for your own convenience.

The day begins with an interesting and important briefing about the flight. Professional and experienced pilots are about to provide the necessary information you need to know about hot air balloons and the safety procedures. If you wish to know anything else, feel free to ask them. The pilots are fluent in English and more than happy to answer your questions.

During the flight you can expect to feel positive emotions with boosts of adrenaline. In fact, as the flight takes place during the sunrise, you are about to witness a dreamy setting. As the sun starts to rise in front of you, the warm colours are about to be reflected on the ground and over the nearby sites.

The views from the balloon’s basket are impressive. You will be able to see the impressive travertines and admire their natural beauty. Moreover, you can spot the ancient city of Hierapolis from above and snap some photos of the ruins. Therefore, it is important not to forget your camera!

The flight lasts approximately 40 minutes and it is subject to the weather conditions and to the direction of the wind. After spending some time in the air, the balloon starts to follow a safe landing mode until you reach the ground.

After the flight, you will join a small celebration. The pilots will offer you a glass of champagne and flight certificates. This small celebration is the ideal way to feel proud for your accomplishment and to snap some photos that will make your memories last for a long time.

By the end of the celebration, a modern and fully air conditioned bus will transfer you back at your hotel. This amazing and dreamy experience finishes during the morning time and forms a lifetime experience for people of all ages.

Tour itinerary

Participate in our Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon flight and feel the exceptional atmosphere of a sunrise while in the air. This activity is ideal for people of all ages and promises to offer you long lasting memories. Enjoy the flight while observing the infamous Cotton Castle and the ancient city. Feel the morning breeze and the charm that the sunrise offers, and take imposing photos with a unique activity during your holidays.

Pick up

The price of this activity includes a pick-up service from your hotel. More specifically, a professional driver will pick you up from your place of accommodation in Pamukkale and drive you to the area where the flight takes place. The car is comfortable and fully air conditioned.

Preparations and Instructions

When you arrive at the hot air balloon station, you will meet the pilots in charge for the flight. They are experienced and fully licenced to conduct the flight. During the meeting session, the pilots will provide important information that you need to know about the flight, and answer your questions. After that, you can see them preparing the balloon for the flight. You may take some photos during this time, as the process is quite interesting.


Hot Air Balloon flights are completely safe for people of all ages. In fact, this activity is children-friendly, which means that kids and adults can participate and enjoy. The baskets of the balloons are large and spacious and the flight meets all safety requirements.

The flight

The flight lasts for approximately 40 minutes. Please note that, the duration of the flight is subject to the weather conditions. During this time you can expect to see a breath-taking sunrise with warm colour reflections. In addition, you can observe from above the ancient city of Hierapolis and the ruins, as well as the magnificent and picture-perfect Cotton Castle. Don’t forget to snap some photos of the many other colourful balloons that will be around!

Champagne toast

By the end of the flight, organisers will offer you a glass of champagne, as it is part of the tradition. Toast your champagne glasses and celebrate your flight with your loved ones. During this small celebration, you will also receive flight certificates to take back home.


This unforgettable and unique activity finishes during the morning. Once the celebration in over, a modern and comfortable car will transfer you back at your place of accommodation in Pamukkale.