Seeing the World Without Breaking the Bank

Traveling internationally can be a very expensive proposition. You have to take one or modes of transportation which may incluude a plane, car, ship or bus. You have to find accomodations at your destination, feed yourself and look for things at that destination which will indoubtedly cost you. In addition, you need to get travel insurance and have extra cash for unforseen circumstances. Collectively these expenses can equalte to more cahs than most of us can sapere to travel.

Many like Michael Briese however, have learned hot to travel internationaly on a shoe etring busget and have the same great experiences. It takes some common sense, planning and research, but it is possible to go just about anywhere on a budget. Take a seat and grab something to take some notes on because here are some tips to help you become an international budget traveler:

Book Your Travel Early

Airlines, hotels, and attractions reward those who book in advance with lower prices and more selections. The earlier you can book the company can count your money and companies love to know they can count money early. For airlines this means that you can often get more than 50% off a fare if you book more than 30 days in advance. For hotels it is not uncommon to find early bird discounts of up to 70%. These hotels discounts sometimes come with other benefits like free breakfast or free wi-fi. Similarly if you book attractions in advance you can get great discounts of more than 50% and if you visit during the low season. Your discounts can even be greater. Be prepared to have alternatives for flights and hotels because this flexibility can get you the greatest discounts.  And, use the popular travel sites to compare fares and availability.

Eat Local

After transportation and lodging, food will likely be the biggest expense you incur when traveling. One way to save here is to eat at local restaurants rather than international or hotel ones. Most travelers shy away from this idea because they may not know the local food or they think it may not be up to international standards. But today you can find reviews of almost any restaurant done by travelers just like you. They are happy to tell you where to go and what to eat when you get there. This can save you hundreds of dollars on a trip and get you to some new and delicious food experiences.

Vary Your Entertainment

There is no doubt that there will be costs for entertainment when you travel. Going to the local disco and having a few drinks or going to see a live show can set you back a bit. To save money on entertainment include lots of free things that you can do at your travel destination. Sitting on a beach, going to a park, hiking in the mountains, sightseeing are all free things that are available any time. Many cities also provide no or low cost guided tours. The reality is that there are a plethora of activities available that are fun, entertaining and cost nothing or close to it.

Use these tips to help you get to places you want to visit. You can see them all if you know how to stretch a dollar.