What You Need For Trekking Through The Jungle

Taking a trekking trip is no small feat; it can last for days or even weeks. However, it’s an experience like no other, and when you decide to plan for a jungle adventure, it gets even better. If you’ve never been trekking before–or to the jungle for that matter–there are some essentials you’re going to need.

Pick Out A Trekking Backpack

First thing’s first, you’re going to need a backpack to hold all your supplies. It is highly recommended that you use a proper trekking backpack, as they will hold more than the standard backpack and are designed for long hikes. They can get a bit pricy, so unless you know you’re going to be using it again in the future, it might be in your best interest to rent one instead. They’re a great travel option for the great outdoors.

Dress Properly

It’s common to forget to pack something on a vacation only to realize it as you’re unpacking at the hotel. If you do that when going trekking, you’re going to regret it, especially if you forget to pack enough clothes. Know how many days you’ll be trekking so that you can pack the proper amount of clothing. Pack plenty of underwear, comfortable shirts, and pants. A hat is highly advisable, as well as a pair of sunglasses. Be sure to bring some tall socks, too, because you don’t want ticks or bugs crawling up your pants. Do you need a swimsuit for any potential patches of clear water? Better to have on and not need it, if you’ve got the room. You’ll also want to wear comfortable footwear to prevent things like blisters, heel spurs, or bunions–the only way to permanently remove bunions is through surgery, and proper bunion surgery recovery time will keep you from pursuing further expeditions for a bit.

Toiletries and Such

Finally, make sure you bring all the extras. This means packing toiletries like toothpaste and a toothbrush, wet wipes, toilet paper, deodorant, soap, and anything else you might need from your bathroom. It’s going to be sunny, so pack sunscreen as well; even if you “don’t burn,” the UV rays can still damage your skin and lead to skin cancer. Bug spray will be useful if you don’t like being eaten alive by mosquitoes and ants.

As another added extra, do yourself a favor and bring some sort of camera. It can be a high-quality one or just your phone, but you’ll want a way to photograph the beautiful scenery and any wildlife you may come across.

Final Thoughts

These trekking tips are vital if you’re planning a venture through the jungle. If there is more that you want to bring, feel free, but most of the gear provided above is a must for any adventurer, whether you’re experienced or brand new to the world of trekking.