Your Dream Come True Vacation to Tahiti

Viewed by many as a luxurious location for a vacation, Tahiti is a dream for many. Although there is something to be said for simply turning up in a place and then exploring, this way of thinking could lead to you missing out on some of the most amazing aspects of the place. As a result, your dream vacation may not come true. Continue reading for our guide to things and places you really must see and do.

Capital Culture

Papeete, the capital of Tahiti, is well worth a visit. A walking tour is highly recommended giving you the opportunity to see the culture and history with the assistance of a guide before exploring on your own for the more hidden gems of the place. However, if you would prefer to be less constrained, there are several self-guided tours readily available online to download. The Temple Paofai is one of the island’s most impressive churches with its dusty pink facades and green roof and therefore easy to spot. Another place to visit would be the world’s only dedicated pearl museum, the Robert Wan Pearl museum. If shopping forms part of your to do list, be sure to visit the Marche de Papeete, the capital’s main shopping center. Finally, you definitely do not want to miss indulging in some food courtesy of the roulottes. These are traditional Polynesian food trucks and the snacks on offer are delicious.

Pacific Pursuits

Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, discovering the delights of the waters is an obvious addition to any visitor to Tahiti’s schedule. The crystal-clear water makes exploring marine life with snorkeling a popular thing to do. The abundance of tropical fish is remarkable and something you will remember forever. Diving is also popular, with a focus on both nature and adrenaline. If you prefer to keep dry, a Tahiti yacht charter, with a highly rated, reputable company like 12 Knots for example, might be the ideal way to relax while taking in the amazing ambience of the ocean. Remember to take your camera to capture the incredible sights.

Captivating Coastline

A 70-mile-long road encircles the island, offering visitors the opportunity to amble around the place exploring at their own pace. There are many things that are important not to miss, the site of Captain James Cook’s observatory, Point Venus, for example. The Victorian-era lighthouse on this peninsula offers a great view as you walk out to the black sandy beach. Along your journey, you are bound to stumble upon some little eateries where you can indulge in local delights. And if exploring the coastline sounds like too much hard work, you could always simply relax on the beautiful beaches and make the most of the glorious weather. The lowest temperature remains above 70 degrees (July and August tend to be the coolest months) with the highest being around 90. The water temperature rarely dips below 79, so you can certainly enjoy a dip in the water while you are making the most of the beaches.