First African Safari: Which Country Is Best?

There’s nothing quite like a safari; travelling around in the wilderness, observing the big 5 and a lot of other species in their natural habitat, but there are so many small nations that make up Africa, it can be confusing to choose a suitable venue for your very first safari. Here is some background information on the most popular safari destinations.

  • Kenya – This is the very birthplace of the safari. It is more expensive than the other nations that offer safaris, but if you want the best, Kenya is the choice. All the big animals can be found in Kenya and with a tailored safari, you are the boss.
  • Namibia– You couldn’t pick a better destination than Namibia for your first safari experience; English is the spoken language and Namibia is a very safe and stable country. As it is your first time, select one of the luxury Namibia guided safari tours that can be found with the online safari tour organiser, then you can decide exactly where you go and what animals to observe. Holidays in Namibia offer great value, and the Etosha National Park is definitely the place to go, as you can see all of the big 5 in this massive 20,000 sq km natural reserve. Another good thing about Namibia is that it is not landlocked, with gorgeous beaches along the west coast of the Atlantic Ocean, and the dunes really are something else! Namibia is our recommendation for the first-time safari experience, as it has everything and is one of the cheapest, offering great value.
  • Zambia – Home to the fabulous Victoria Falls, Zambia offers a more adventurous experience, with guided walking tours and overnight stops at lodges. Zambia is best left to the veteran safari goer, as it can be a bit too much for a first time.
  • Tanzania– Similar to Kenya regarding the professional standard of the safaris, yet it is a little cheaper than Kenya, plus there’s less traffic. We recommend a tour to the northern part of the country, which is ideal for a novice, and with a tailored guided tour, you won’t have to worry about a thing. This would include the Serengeti, Mt Kilimanjaro and Tarangire National Park, which are all stunning places to visit and you will see lots of wildlife going about their daily business.

Whichever country you decide on, search online for a specialist luxury safari tour operator, who will help you to create the perfect schedule and should you wish to change it at any time, your guide will be more than happy to make the arrangements. All of the above countries are ideal for safaris, yet trying to make your own way around can be challenging at the best of times, which is why you should book with a luxury tour operator where you will have your own personal guide throughout the experience.