3 Fun Things to Do in Memphis

Memphis, TN, is one of the most entertaining places in the United States. With endless nightlife opportunities, live music available at hundreds of bars and venues, and historic sites, monuments, and museums scattered throughout the area, Memphis is one of the most underrated vacation destinations in the country. Whether you’re a college student planning a trip to Memphis over spring break or getting ready to move to the city with the help of Black Tie Moving, here are just 3 of the countless fun things to do in Bluff City. 

Beale Street

Whether you’re l; looking to party or just hoping to catch a glimpse of some of the live blues shows that Memphis is known for, Beale Street is the perfect destination for you. Grab a beer at one of the roadside stands available for guests, or stop into a dive bar to hear one of the area’s best blues bands performing songs from Elvis, BB King, and other area icons. For tourists and locals alike, Beale Street is one of the most fun areas in all of Memphis.

Visit Graceland 

Pay homage to one of rock ‘n roll legends by visiting Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley. Located just 20 minutes from Beale Street, Graceland offers Elvis fans and Memphis tourists access to The King’s home, his private jets, and even his tomb where he is buried alongside his family members. While touring Graceland can be pricey (with basic tickets averaging around $90 for adult guests), there is no denying that visiting Elvis’s iconic mansion is the perfect way for fans and history buffs to spend the day in Memphis. 

Bass Pro Shop at The Pyramid

Memphis’s most iconic landmark is The Pyramid, which is now owned and operated by Bass Pro Shop in addition to housing a hotel, two restaurants, and a full bar. The Pyramid is one of the largest buildings in the southern United States and stands tall over the Memphis skyline to welcome visitors to this iconic and historic city. If you’re looking for a fun and truly unique way to kill some time in Memphis, you can’t go wrong with an afternoon spent at The Pyramid. Grab dinner or drinks inside before heading to the top of The Pyramid to enjoy panoramic views of the city for the ultimate Memphis experience.