Add to your USA bucket list: What to experience in San Francisco

It’s been the setting for hundreds of iconic films and TV series and infamous moments in American history, but what has San Francisco got to offer travellers like you and me? The truth is – a lot! From bays to bridges, the city of San Fran is bursting with culture and diversity, and here you’ll find a (small but detailed) list of some of the best things to see and do in this incredible city.

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The Golden Gate Bridge

Of course. The Golden Gate Bridge is the most photographed bridge in the entire world, and it’s easy to see why. This bridge with it’s iconic 746 foot tall, stunning orange towers was built in 1937 and it’s been mesmerising visitors and residents of the city ever since. Even when the weather is poor, and the bridge is shrouded with fog, it’s still a wonder to behold. Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge and taking in the spectacular views of the city is on many bucket lists – you should add it to yours too!

Take a ride on an icon

I’m talking about one of San Francisco’s cable cars of course. In the early 19th Century, these cars were the main mode of transport throughout the city, however as time has gone on, most of the natives moved on to their own modes of transport, leaving only 3 of these iconic cable cars in use today. A ride on one of these cable cars is a real treat for any visitor to the city – remember to get a photo of you hanging from the running boards!

Visit an infamous landmark

We’re talking of course, about Alcatraz – an incredible feat of construction that sits forebodingly in San Francisco Bay. Known as “The Rock” to many locals, Alcatraz was once a high security prison which housed some of the US’s most iconic and infamous prisoners: Al Capone, Robert “the Birdman” Stroud and George “Machine Gun” Kelly to name but a few. You can take a tour at any time of the day but visiting Alcatraz at night is a great way to experience this real icon of American culture and history. There is even an audio tour available, that is voiced by ex-inmates and prison guards; retelling harrowing tales of prison life and the numerous attempts of escape that ended in tragedy.

Fall in love with the Giants

It doesn’t matter if you know nothing about home runs or strikeouts, if you want a real taste of life in San Francisco then head to AT&T Park and cheer for the San Francisco Giants! You could even try some of the best cuisine in SF while you’re there – everything from Caribbean delicacies to a classic Tony’s Neapolitan Pizza. Go Giants!