Best Activities While on a Winter Break in Canada


Canada makes for a great place for a winter break, there is so much to see and do in this vast country and they have just the right weather to truly embrace winter in all of its snowy glory. A Canadian winter break doesn’t always come cheap though and I spent most of last year working very hard in order to pay for it. I was so pumped about doing Canada in winter that I worked a second job in a bar, wrote for people online and hit sites like and where I managed to win some money to spend on my vacations.

If you are able to do Canada in the Winter then here are just a few activities that you could be doing.


What better way to experience the thrill of the snow than jumping on an engine with skis and glide across the snowy mountains. Snowmobiling is available throughout the country’s resorts and it will be an adrenalin-fueled adventure for you to embark on.

Dog Sledding

Also available in most Canadian ski resorts, dog sledding sees you jump onto a sled that is pulled along at speed by a group of beautiful canines, usually huskies. Some of the experiences will let you have a go of riding your own sled to truly witness the power of these incredible beasts.

Have a Spa

Taking a spa session outside is an exhilarating experience, relax in a hot jacuzzi with a backdrop of icy mountains. The best is are Scandinavian style spas in Whistler, there are four of them and these sprawling spa complexes feature outdoor hot tubs and ice pools as well as many treatments to fully relax you.



The main reason why so many flock to Canada is of course, for the ski, Canada has some of the best resorts in the World and they offer some of the largest dumps of snow and the most varied pistes on the planet. A winter trip to Canada simply wouldn’t be complete without hitting the slopes.

Skate on a Lake

When the cold weather hits Canada the vast lakes that they have freeze over and create huge natural ice rinks. Locals know which lakes are best to skate on, you probably shouldn’t just grab your skates and jump on a lake, you don’t know how thick the ice is. There are lots of resorts who offer skating and there are some tour companies who will take you out to the best lakes to skate around.