Four Reasons to Visit Argentina in 2020

Struggling to decide on a destination for your exciting getaway this year?

There are so many reasons why Argentina should be at the top of your list.

Here is a breakdown.

It’s where you’ll find endless adventure

There is an adventure for everyone awaiting in Argentina. One of the most memorable of these adventures is that of embarking upon a glacier expedition at the aptly named Glacier National Park. This national park is home to in excess of 300 glaciers, each more mesmerising than the next. However, you will want to make a special trip to Glacier Upsala, specifically, as it is the largest in all of South America. It spans across 870 square kilometres in total.

The great news is that you can explore the best of the glaciers in Argentina all year round. Just steer clear from December – March, as this is considered to be the high season and is when prices tend to soar. If you’re prepared to brave the cold, you can save plenty of money on Argentina vacation packages by visiting during wintertime.

It’s where you’ll see the most beautiful natural wonders

Argentina’s natural beauty is striking to say the least, and it is everywhere you look. Having said that, one of the most notable natural wonders to add to your blossoming itinerary is Iguazu Falls. The countless cascades of Iguazu Falls form a natural border between Argentina and Brazil, extending across three kilometres.

Hike your way up the self-guided hiking trails and breathe in the fresh humid air of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It’s where you’ll find the most incredible wildlife

From the docile South Andean deer to the charming sea lion, Argentina is awash with plenty of wonderful wildlife. However, it is the tuxedo-wearing penguin that really attracts curious tourists from far and wide. These beautiful birds make their way to Argentina to nest and top up their tummies ahead of their migration due, in large part, to the abundant supply of fish that swim in the local waters. The best time to catch a glimpse of these adorable creatures is during spring and summer, as well as in early autumn.

Be sure to visit Punta Tombo which is known to house one of the biggest colonies of Magellanic penguins, and Isla Martillo, where you will find hundreds of Gentoo penguins waddling leisurely across the sandy shores.

It’s affordable for most travellers

If you reside in a country with a strong currency, you will benefit from the fact that Argentina is a relatively affordable holiday destination. However, while prices may seem to be cheap, it is customary to tip for all services. You should budget to tip approximately 10% of your bill at a restaurant or café, and 15% for waiters at hotel restaurants, or for service providers at the local spas. Feel free to be a bit more generous if you experience particularly great service at any given time.

Now you know why it’s a good idea to visit Argentina, there is no excuse not to go ahead and book your ticket.