How to Afford a Family Trip to Orlando

A family trip to Orlando is one of the most memorable experiences which you can have with your kids and as soon as they are old enough to appreciate it, a vacation here is something I would certainly recommend. Something to bear in mind however is that this is not a cheap vacation, family trips aren’t cheap at the best of times but a trip to Orlando is even more pricey than most holidays. from the theme parks, the flights, the accommodation and the additional spends, the cost of this trip rises very quickly, so here is how to ensure that you can afford it.

Looking For Deals

In terms of what you do with your time in Orlando there are loads of ways in which you can save some cash if you take advantage of deals. For example you can visit Universal Orlando for less if you get online and find discounted tickets, and the asme goes for all of the parks here in Florida. Third party vendors offer heavily discounted tickets which can save you money. You can also get accommodation which gives you additional benefits such as park entry or free meals which can help you to save some cash.

Saving Ahead

I saved up for over a year before we went to Orlando because I wanted to ensure that I had enough to have a great time when we were there. I have friends however who decided to do much of this with credit cards and it became pretty clear which was the best way to do it. My friends found themselves stressed when they were in Florida as the costs began to rise, they of course didn’t want to tell their kids that there were things that they couldn’t have or experiences which they couldn’t go on, so whilst their families had fun, my friends really didn’t. If you go down that route then you are also going to have some difficult months afterwards. Although I had some tough months when i was saving, the trip itself was the light at the end of the tunnel and I knew that once had suffered a little, that we would go on to have an amazing time. Suffering first and then reaping the benefits is the best way to plan a trip like this.


If you don’t plan ahead then things will get costly because everything will be on the hoof during our time in Orlando. If you plan each day meticulously then you can work out the best logistics and the smartest plan which will ensure that you have fun without spending an arm and a leg. Booking things like flights, transport, car rental and accommodation early will always save you money, in order to do that you need to have a plan which you can stick to.

There are many ways in which you save money on this trip,  be smart and plan well and you can do it.