How to Spend a Weekend in Mexico City

After I finished college my buddy Haris Ahmed and I went for a tour throughout the Americas that culminated in a trip to Mexico City, I loved this place so much that I ended up staying here and getting job, that was five years ago and I have never looked back. Mexico City is a great places for US tourists to spend a few days away, flights are cheap and there is so much to do. I would actually recommend that you spend some time learning Spanish and spend far more time here than just a weekend but if that is all you have, here is ow I would recommend that you spend it.


The first stop off that I would recommend would be to go to the stadium in the Cuahtemoc District to see the Lucha Libre, the Mexican-style wrestling that is part theatre and part comedy show. You can sink a few beers as you watch the show and outside the stadium there are lots of bars which you will find where you can continue the festivities. Head to the Condesa region to finish your night in one of the swanky whisky bars that you will find there.


If you only do one thing in Mexico City I would recommend that you head on a tour up to the ancient city of Teotihuacan, a once Aztec and Mayan city which is almost perfectly preserved. Teotihuacan features two huge pyramids which you can climb and the entire site is filled with mystery and ornate detail.

The trip will take up most of your day so one you get back and showered, it is time for your Saturday night in the capital. I would recommend that you head down to Zocalo, the historic centre of the city where you will see the capital come to life. Throughout this region your will find plenty of restaurants and bars of all different themes, the perfect place to spend your Saturday night.


Sundays in this city are great and they are also very relaxed so why not head to one of the local parks such as Parque Mexico where you can watch life pass you by in this wonderful city. sundays are also a great day to visit one of the local food markets and assumable some of the incredible street food that the city has to offer. Look out for the red and white striped shelters, these are the food stalls and don’t be afraid to try something that you never have before. The only other option which I would suggest for a Sunday if you have time, is to go down to Coyoacan, a beautiful area in the south of the city where you can eat, drink and be merry with the locals in an area with traditional architecture and plenty of museums.

As I mentioned before, try to spend more time here than a weekend as one or two days is nowhere near enough to make the most out of this amazing city.