Los Angeles – THE spot to hit on the West Coast



The City of Angels – better known as Los Angeles is a huge and sprawling metropolis on the west coast of southern California, about two hundred and thirty miles north of the border with Mexico. Home to the world famous Hollywood film and TV district, this is an amazing city with so much to see, do, experience and even provides you the opportunity to celebrity-hunt if you are interested by frequenting a few known celebrity haunts. LA is an outdoor lovers dream – not for the city, but for the surrounding outdoor locations such as mountains, beaches, forests and desert. In reality, LA is the perfect city for people who want it all and more.

LA – The City of Angels

The city of Los Angeles is varied and extremely diverse area, playing host to over 3.8 million inhabitants, all of whom come from every corner of the globe. The city itself is known for being the home of Hollywood, but in actual fact, there is so much more to this incredibly fun and vibrant city than just the Sunset Strip and the Chateau Marmont, although those are fantastic places to check out.

Of course, a trip to LA wouldn’t be a trip to LA without a visit to the Hollywood sign, set high in the Hollywood Hills overlooking not just the local area of Hollywood itself, but on a clear day you can see all the way to down town Los Angeles in the distance. The view from the top is phenomenal and allows you almost a complete panoramic view of the area. Plus, who wouldn’t want their photo taken with this iconic structure – possibly one of the most well known in the world?

Aside from this, Los Angeles has a lot of other things to do including the famed Santa Monica pier at Santa Monica beach – not famous just because of the theme park on the pier which juts out over the Atlantic Ocean, but also as being the final stop along the American Road Trip Trail, Route 66 which starts in Chicago. Santa Monica is either the end or the beginning, depending which way you’re headed, but either way, this is a spot in LA worthy of at least a few hours. A short walk away is Muscle Beach – also famous for its bodybuilders working up a sweat in the sand – interesting to see, and some good eye candy for a few!

Other Hot Spots

If you’re into celebrity spotting, one of the best places to go is the Chateau Marmont, just off the Sunset Strip. A noted celebrity haunt, this is one of the best places for sneaking a peek at your favourites. With fairly priced fare on their menu, including drinks, the Chateau Marmont is surprisingly affordable for almost any visitor to the area for any meal of the day or even just evening cocktails. The Viper Room which is nearby is another famed Hollywood location and hosts live music most nights of the week, and finally Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills is another noted celebrity hangout, which is great if you love celebrities and Chinese food.

Disneyland is also in nearby Anaheim, which, while its own city in its own right is just outside of Los Angeles on the south side of the city and within easy driving distance for those who are looking to enjoy a bit of childhood fun for a day or two.

Los Angeles is an amazing city full of incredible things to see and do, with many restaurants and bars that allow you to hobnob with known celebrities and soon-to-be up and comers. Surrounded by amazing scenery that boasts fantastic hiking, gorgeous beaches and even mountains and deserts to explore, there is no better time to check out this microcosm of not just American culture, but a real haven by the ocean. With so much to see and do, you will be wondering how you will fit everything in. The added benefit to this great city is that Los Angeles International is serviced by hundreds of worldwide connections, so getting here also couldn’t be simpler. So pack your bags – next stop, LA!