My favourite Niagara Falls attractions

I have fond memories of our trip to Niagara Falls – it’s a beautiful place and the pictures don’t do this incredible natural phenomenon the justice that it deserves. Looking back on our visit, there are a few attractions I would definitely want to experience again, and some new ones I’d like to try out. Here are just a few of my past and future favourites…

1. Take a Journey Behind the Falls

This was one of the first tours we did and I am so glad I braved the thunderous sound of the Falls by going deep underground. With this attraction, you take an elevator down into the rock face, and follow a number of tunnels until you reach an observation deck that juts out behind the gigantic curtain of water. It’s such a thrill, and I’d recommend this for all ages.

2. Stay in a room with a view

One thing I regret about my magical trip to southern Ontario is not staying at a Niagara Falls hotel. Not only are they an affordable taste of luxury which would have made our stay that little bit more special, but they have the most stunning views of the Horseshoe Falls right from your bedroom window. Imagine waking up and having your morning coffee with your own private view – that’s something I definitely want to experience next time around.

3. Trek across the Nature Reserve

Last time we visited, I wanted to experience as many tours and attractions close to the Falls as possible, but I did feel like we missed out on seeing of the stunning countryside surrounding the Falls. I’d take a trek around one of the many trails through the Niagara Nature Reserve on my next trip – the perfect place to take wildlife photographs, or just take a break from some of the nosier tourist spots for a quiet picnic.

4. Learn to flyboard

I don’t know many places where you can learn this adrenalin-fuelled new sport, but they’ve recently started giving lessons in Niagara and it looks like a huge amount of fun. Combining the power of propulsion technology with water-skiing techniques, and the fun concept of a jet pack, flyboarding sees you pushed up to 40ft into the air. You can be any age with any level of fitness, but don’t worry, the experts are on hand to give you the very best tuition.

5. Ride the new zipline

This attraction only opened last year, and it’s one of the reasons I can’t wait to go back. There are plenty of different ways to see the Falls, but flying through the air at 70kmph 220ft above the Gorge has to be the best way for thrill-seekers. There are four ziplines so you can have this experience together as a family, and the views of the three waterfalls, the River and the Gorge will be spectacular.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post – do you have any favourite attractions from the Niagara Falls area?