My Trip To Nike Store in San Francisco Just To Buy These Football Gloves

I’ve never been a fan of football. Actually, I have never been a fan of sports – I only did ballet in middle-school and played a bit of field hockey for the junior-high team. But my daughter, Janet, is a crazy and fanatical football player. One of the leading players in her elementary school team, beating all the boys. She doesn’t miss a practice, even if he is being sick. As a single mom, who has never played football in her entire life, I find it quite difficult to get alone, when it comes to sports, and all the time I feel myself guilty for not having enough support for my child in the subject that she loves. And I wanted to do something about it to become closer to my young football player.

Thus, for Janet’s eighth birthday I decided to give her the coolest Nike gloves she had been dreaming of. I kept my idea in secret, though. A week-end before my daughter’s big day I offered her to go to San Francisco together. We don’t often go on family trips, so Janet became very excited. It takes about 50 miles to travel from San Jose following the beautiful road along San Francisco Bay. So on Saturday we headed off early in the morning and started our pleasant journey happily and relaxed. Still, I was a little worried if Janet would appreciate my present and whether I know my baby well enough.

We arrived in San Francisco at noon. There are so much delicious and famous foods in San Francisco. While having chocolate ice-cream and nice talks we approached the Nike store – Nike Union Street, where they sell only female clothes and sports gear. I invited Janet to come in and have a look. She became so excited! To tell the truth, I became excited myself, as the shop looked just awesome – a friendly sporty atmosphere of a girls’ home party and stylish design immediately drugged my attention. It was a really interesting idea to make a sports shop for girls only. Such an empowerment for women! I even got inspired to sign up for some yoga or pilates, as I really like the cute and comfy yoga pants there.

We had spent quite a lot of time in the store, and finally found the department with sports gear, so started to take a close look on sports gloves. And when my girl tried her favorite Nike Superbad 4 Big Kids’ Football Gloves in a navy blue color I told her that she would get them for her birthday present. I cannot tell you how happy she was!

All the way back he was holding her new gloves in her hands, singing songs and taking photos of the sunset over the bay. We all say that football is a boy’s game, but I am happy that she likes it. It’s good to have a hobby that inspires you so much. Who knows, maybe next year she will do basketball or start drawing lessons, but the most important thing is to support and encourage your child. Always.