San Diego – The Hidden Gem of California



Are you considering a trip to California, but aren’t sure whether you should start in Los Angeles or somewhere else? Well, depending on what you want out of your trip to California. Some people find that starting in the north and working their way down is best for them, but if you’re considering a quick foray into Mexico as part of your trip San Diego may be best as your starting and ending point. Tijuana, Mexico is an easy drive away, as is the City of Angels, so it’s really up to you how your trip goes – or perhaps you’re a bit keen on both. With San Diego, either is a possibility.

So why San Diego?

San Diego is a great city in and of itself with fantastic access to larger – crazy tourist cities such as Los Angeles to the north or Tijuana (Mexico) to the south. So you’re really spoilt for choice with San Diego – the city itself hosts a number of amazing things to see and do, alongside its welcoming population. Some parts of the city, such as the north-east sector reach quite far inland and are home to a safari park, which makes this area prime not just for seeing some animals not seen elsewhere in California, but also for those who are looking to explore some of California’s northern and eastern state and national parks – which provide excellent services and entertainment for outdoor lovers, families and those looking to get away from the city for awhile.

Getting Around San Diego

So you might be wondering what the best ways are to get around this vast, sprawling and very diverse North American metropolis. Well – you can take one of the numerous buses that frequent the routes throughout, or some of the slightly unreliable taxis. If you and your travel companions or friends are looking for something a bit more special though, consider booking ahead with BlackLane private care hire – with their local and knowledgeable drivers, all inclusive rates and complimentary wait times (dependant on location), this is a great way to see the city and surrounding areas. Internationally acclaimed, BlackLane put their customers first and provide online booking with everything included including prices of toll roads and bridges. What better way to get around town – not just from the airport, but from start to end – including some great scenic routes and everything in between. Your local driver might even be able to suggest some great bars or restaurants that will be just as hip as the main strip but for way less than you’d pay elsewhere!

Regardless of whether you’re coming to San Diego for fun or for business, you’re in for a treat. This is a city that is practically a twin city to LA, one of the hottest places in the US, and therefore, it’s a great stopping off point if you’re planning to head north. Likewise, it’s a great location to start a Mexican adventure, with the border being within easy driving distance, so with San Diego – it’s really your pleasure what happens!