Some Ideas on What to See on the East Coast of the USA


East Coast Packages and Niagara Falls

The East Coast of the USA is one of the most beautiful, and most diverse, parts of the country as a whole. If you have a week to spare, then East Coast bus tours USA may be just what you were looking for. What was once a complex experience that required the planning skills of a trained logistician, a bus tour is hassle free and completely done for you. But when you start to look for bus tours, you will instantly see just how wide the East Coast actually is, and how many tours there are for you to choose from.

Luckily, the USA isn’t going anywhere! Hence, you could consider doing different tours for each vacation period that you have. Even so, which ones should you then choose? The top option, naturally, has to be Niagara Falls

About Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls form the natural border between New York State and Ontario, Canada. It isn’t just a single fall, however, but rather a group of massive falls within the Niagara River. It is made up of two broad sections, being the American Bridal Veils Falls, which is the smaller of the two sections; and the Canadian Horseshoe Falls, the larger of the two, so named because of its horseshoe shape (that measures 2,600 foot, by the way). Both elements put together gives you the experience of one of our planets most impressive natural wonders. It is no surprise, therefore, that millions of people visit it each and every year!

The original name of the Niagara Falls is “Onguiaahra”, which translates as “thundering water”, a very apt name. Today, it is famous for its tremendous beauty. What few people know is that it is also used to generate hydroelectric power. Additionally, it is a location of famous war battles. Interestingly, today, the falls represent feelings of love and unity, bringing together Canada and the USA, and essentially allowing people to truly be in awe of the awesome forces of nature.

As an added benefit, Niagara Falls is home to very comfortable accommodation, unique experiences, and a fantastic wildlife. The one downside, however, is that there is so much to see that you are unlikely to be able to do it in one day. Most East Coast bus tours will only allow you a few hours at these amazing sites before moving on. However, some tours enable you to sleep in accommodation overnight, instead of on the bus, in which case spending the night at Niagara should be top of your list.

Speak to your tour operator in terms of what your itinerary is. This will give you an idea of how much time you have to spend at the falls. Furthermore, your operator may have contacts with some of the activities coordinators at the falls. This could enable you to take part in any of the many excursions and activities at a discounted rate. You may even get a discount for staying or eating in one of the fantastic restaurants and hotels near the Falls.