Some of the Best Casinos in the Americas

It is believed that, every year, around 100 million people will visit a casino. No matter what your views on gambling is, the reality is that a lot of people love it, and that it is a multibillion dollar global industry. Because it is such a popular pastime, resorts have capitalized on this idea, delivering something that goes above and beyond the opportunity to gamble. Today’s casinos offer so much more to their visitors. Indeed, they are entire entertainment centers catering to the whole family. And this concept has now gone global. So what are some of the best casinos found in North and South America?

Casinos in America

You cannot get away from Las Vegas, famous the world over for its fantastic casinos. Found in the middle of the Nevada desert, the city is an oasis of entertainment, tourists, lights, and, of course, money. Caesar’s Palace is perhaps the most famous casino of all on the strip, if not the world. It has a huge area for gaming, spread over two wings. One wing is for the high bets, and the other is for people of regular incomes. There are video poker machines, in excess of 2,000 slot machines, roulette wheels, card tables, and more.

Caesar’s Palace is an impressive and opulent location and it really does make you feel as if you are in a palace. It has vaulted ceilings, archways, and marble columns, making visitors feel as if they have traveled back to Roman times. This casino is absolutely not to be missed.

Meanwhile, in Bell Gardens, CA, you can visit the Bicycle Casino Hotel, which is perhaps not as opulent as Caesar’s Palace, but nevertheless one not to be missed. This is a casino hotel where it is all about making people feel valued, treating them like royalty regardless of where they come from. Guestrooms are truly luxurious and the games have been set up so that people are on the edge of their seat throughout their stay. In fact, they can even game in the Freedom Court, which allows them to be in the outside air and still play their favorite games. The Bike truly is an experience to remember.

South America

Argentina is also home to some fantastic casinos. The best-known one has to be the Iguazu Grand Hotel Resort & Casino, which is found in Puerto Iguazu. It is within walking distance of the Iguazu Falls, to the side of the Tancredo Neves Bridge. The location truly is out of this world and it would be worth visiting for that alone. The resort is European in style, reminiscent of those in Monte Carlo. You can enjoy a wealth of games, including 27 gaming tables (blackjack, baccarat, poker, roulette, and more), as well as 130 slot machines.

The Iguazu Grand Hotel Resort & Casino runs regular tournaments and has restaurants, bars, beauty, and massage services on site. There are four master suites, seven junior suites, eight corner suites, and 40 executive suites to stay in, as well as an 18-hole golf course. Not to be missed!