The Happening Night Life In Las Vegas

Vegas! Pulsing with energy and always-awake – this city in Nevada has carved a unique niche for itself when it comes to entertainment and nightlife. Do you know any other city that would wear a moniker like ‘Sin City’ with great glee and pride? That’s precisely why you should head to Las Vegas when you need to enjoy nightlife like no other place on earth.

For me, my trip to Las Vegas started after I found a new service to park my car near LaGuardia airport parking followed by a flight to Vegas. Entertainment galore, in every form possible and in every nook and cranny of this city draws people from all over the world. The allure of Las Vegas is hard to resist and this is why nightclubs are a dime a dozen here.

So, what all can you do once you are here? Virtually anything!

Tolerance runs high

One of the reasons why Las Vegas ranks so high in entertainment is the fact that it has a highly tolerant culture. Adult entertainment of all kinds is par for the course. Las Vegas nightclubs can give you opportunities to enjoy:

Dance floors to blow your mind.

Strip clubs.

World-class DJs and

Shows that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Depending on what you want to do, you can take in magic shows, dance performances, casinos, sophisticated nightclubs, and bars.

Fremont Street Experience

You have to love it when a place is called Glitter Gulch! This is primarily because of the stupendous amount of neon signs here. The Fremont Street is a pedestrian mall and has a barrel vault canopy. 5 blocks have been closed off to create this space and it is known for:

Free concerts.

A zip line!

The Neonopolis shopping place and

A dazzling LED display experience.

Of course, this place is rife with casinos too. Golden Nugget and D Las Vegas being just two of them.

Adult shows

Las Vegas is a place to have fun! From the raunchy to the sexy and every combination that lies between, you can get it all here. Burlesque, parodies, musicals, LGBTQ shows, and strip clubs are where the action happens. In fact, this is one of the reasons why Las Vegas is famous for bachelor and bachelorette parties!

Cirque du Soleil

Once my stint at Chippendales was over I headed to a show which did put the body on display but in such a different manner! Cirque du Soleil is where the impossible happens. I can swear that I have seen stunts and performances like these only in movies – with the aid of CG effects. But here, in Las Vegas, this show sets your heart racing and your imagination afire. Technology and human physicality come together in a magnificent show every single time.

Finally, you can take your pick of nightclubs while in Las Vegas. Most of them have specific themes and you can choose accordingly. For instance, TAO is all about Asian influences and Surrender is about tropical environs.