The Pura Vida Life: What People Love About Moving to Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers a really unique lifestyle. From the beach to the jungle, and the amenities of city life, Costa Rica is an ex-pat paradise. You’ve got it all—clean water, lush greenery, rural countryside and cities, all in a safe and relatively crime-free area.

Costa Rica is a well-established democracy and has long been a stable place for ex-pats and retirees to call home. The country has universal health care, subsidized education, and a great low-cost dental program. But, aside from all that great stuff, like the picturesque landscape and the great social benefits, there’s a lot of good to be found in living here.

Housing is Relatively Affordable

Whether you’re renting or buying, it’s undeniable that Costa Rican housing is considerably less than American or European accommodations. Naturally, locals are used to paying a greater proportion of their income than retirees or younger expats. For renters, the average cost of housing in the country is between $500 and $900 a month for a condo, while a two or three-bedroom home can run renters roughly $500-1500, depending on location and condition. Should you be looking to purchase a home, check out this guide to finding a home to retire in Costa Rica.

Fresh Produce All Year Round

Due to its equatorial proximity, Costa Rica grows fresh fruits and veggies all year long, meaning, you’ll have access to low-cost produce available in open-air markets, which also feature freshly caught seafood and other offerings.

Additionally, some locals have been pleased with the lack of “corporate dining” options. While Costa Rica may take some adjusting for some people missing their local Pizza Hut, most others will appreciate access to authentic local fare and great options from Japanese to Italian from international expats.

It’s Easy to Live a Healthy Life

With the beach proximity, as well as the near year round sun, there’s plenty of access to outdoor activities right at your fingertips. In a lot of cases, people don’t need a car and end up walking much more than they did before relocating. if you’re in San Jose,

Additionally, Costa Rica is home to a great universal health care system, known as Caja, which allows users to pay an income-based subscription, which includes just about any type of health-related service you need—surgeries, prescriptions, routine exams. Should you want something a bit more comprehensive, Costa Rica also has a private healthcare system you can buy into. In any case, retirees can stretch their dollars further, while enjoying the type of recreation and fitness they dreamed of during their working days.

Large Expat Community

Costa Rica has long been a prime destination for expats to come and experience la pura vida for themselves. Whether you’re looking at San Jose or one of the coastal communities, you’re sure to meet people from all over the world and be able to take advantage of some of the things you loved from your old life back home. We’re talking yoga, pilates, great restaurants and a sense of community.

Friendly Locals

Perhaps it’s the sun, or maybe it’s the laid-back lifestyle, but the locals, known as Ticos, are well-known to be warm and welcoming to outsiders, and the division between those born and raised in CR, and the expat community is minimal. Many families are made up of people from all over the world—long story short, should you retire here, you’re sure to find friendship whether you settle in the Central Valley or in a secluded beach town.