Top 4 Festivals In Hawaii

To those who love traveling to different parts of the world, Hawaii should be on top of the list. Apart from having beautiful natural scenery, attractions such as the Dole Plantation, and beautiful beaches, it also boasts rich traditions. With these traditions, the Hawaiian calendar is normally marked with different festivals throughout the year.

Most of these festivals are of great importance to the people of Hawaii and attract visitors from all over the world. Each festival can fall into either the sports or food category. Sports lovers can either participate in the Aloha Festivals or Ka Molokai Makahiki festivals. On the other hand, food enthusiasts can relish in Kona Coffee Cultural festivals or Kapalua Wine and Food Festivals.

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Aloha Festivals

What was initially known as Aloha Week has since expanded into a two-month-long festival. During this time, a lot of activities are carried which includes dancing, different types of sports and celebration of diverse food available in the Hawaiian culture and other international delicacies.

The Aloha Festival is considered one of the largest Hawaiian festival. It helps in showcasing the rich and varied culture of the island through the events and competitions that are organized within the two months.

Ka Molokai Makahiki Festivals

Makahiki Festival happens in the first month of the year (January). The celebrations lasts for four months, and it is held as a form of thanksgiving for the bountiful harvests. It opens up the Hawaiian culture and customs to the outside world and allows people from different corners of the world to take part in them.

The Makahiki commences with the appearance of the seven sisters stars and runs till the time they disappear (mostly in January). Throughout the events, revelers participate in fun-filled activities and are able to listen to lectures on local people’s history.

Kapalua Wine and Food Festivals

This festival is observed in the month of July and entails food and wine sampling from renowned chefs from all over the world. Workshops are held where attendees can view different displays of culinary and connoisseurs are given an opportunity to sample different kinds of food and wine available. The festival is open to anyone where he or she can sample food and drinks they desire.

Kona Coffee Cultural Festivals

Known for its perfect volcanic soil, Hawaii offers the best conditions for the growth of coffee. This has prompted it to be recognized for some of its best coffee. Kona coffee is one of the famous coffee that is unrivaled when it comes to its quality. The Kona coffee festivals occur in November where coffee farmers, families and fans of coffee come together to celebrate some of the best coffee harvested that year.

Demonstrations are held that range from coffee cupping to coffee picking to the cooking of coffee. Additionally, a participant will be awed by the grand parades and a couple of coffee tastings throughout the period.

Visiting Hawaii guarantees an opportunity for fun lovers to participate in events that will satisfy you. With these events happening throughout the year, anytime you visit this island you are guaranteed to attend a given festival.

With some of these festivals going up to two months and happening in different players, a tour company like Hawaii tours can help you get around and enjoy your time without having to strain yourself. However, if you are interested in a particular festival that has events that interest you, it is important to first research about that particular event. This will help you understand when it usually occurs and the events involved.

While you visit the festivals, make sure to take plenty of pictures. If you have your beloved pet with you on your trip, you may later want one of your island shots to be immortalized in a keepsake pet portrait.