Top Four Romantic Activities for Couples in Mont Tremblant


For couples who are in the midst of planning a trip to the scenic area of Mont Tremblant in Quebec, Canada, there is plenty to consider. From your hotel accommodations, to dining, to the activities you can take part in, we are here to help you with the activities part of your trip by providing you with a list of the top four romantic activities you can take part in as a couple while vacationing in Mont Tremblant during the summer months.

Panoramic Gondola Ride – A Stunning View of the Laurentians

While sightseeing may not seem like a romantic activity, when you’re riding in a panoramic gondola taking in the full sights of Mont Tremblant and the Laurentians it takes on a very romantic feeling. Depending on where you’re staying, this gondola ride may even be complimentary. As you reach the highest peak in the Laurentians, you’ll find a variety of activities await at the top. Take part in a nature hike, have lunch at the lovely and quaint cafeteria, embark on an adventure on the Ziptrek Zipline tour, or relax and watch the Birds of Prey Show.

Relax at a Spa Together

Perhaps the whole reason behind your vacation is to get away and relax. If that’s the case, you’ll want to check out one of the many spas in the Mont Tremblant area. You’ll find that many of the spas are classed as “Wellness Centers” which means there is a focus on not only relaxing your body but also your mind.

Enjoy a Tour of Lac Tremblant

How about a cruise around Lac Tremblant, which allows you to take in the mountain view from a different vantage point. You can book a regular cruise, or make it a bit more romantic and choose the brunch or dinner cruise. Keep in mind that these cruises are seasonal and only run during the summer months.

Caleche Ride – A Truly Romantic Way to Take in the Sights

Why not step back in time and take part in a caleche ride? This particular activity is ideal for those looking for a little romance. A caleche ride will have you situated in an ornate covered wagon that is pulled by two horses. Typically, these rides visit the waterfalls and the Parc des Chutes.

Don’t Forget to Put Thought into the Accommodation

While this isn’t an activity, you will want to be sure you put a little extra thought and effort into picking the perfect accommodation while in Mont Tremblant. Whether your top priority is the amenities offered, the location, or your budget, you’re sure to find a variety of great options through Tremblant Sunstar offers up over 200 different locations you can choose from, which mean you’re bound to find exactly what you want.

Let the Romance Begin

Thanks to these activities, you’ll be able to ignite the romance the minute you arrive in Mont Tremblant. The area is filled with activities, lovely dining establishments, and a gorgeous quaint village.