Whale Watching in San Diego With FunCat Sailing


The FunCat sailing experience is the way to see the beautiful San Diego coastline. Captain Rod is always on board to ensure everyone has a perfect day on the water, and his 30 years’ experience comes in handy when explaining the sights and sounds on the water. The catamaran that Captain Rod prefers is designed for speed and maximum comfort – the best of both worlds. It really is a thrill to be taken out on one of these catamarans.

Perhaps the most thrilling part of the FunCat sailing experience is whale watching. San Diego is a renowned look-out area for whales all season long. The catamaran only has to get about 500 meters off-shore before the serious whale watching can begin. One of Captain Rod’s favorite things to do is follow a family of whales as they swim around the bay. This kind of attention makes it clear to the whales that humans are interested in them, and sometimes they will respond by doing a little dip and dive performance! Whale watchers can expect to see gray whales in the spring, and blue whales in the summer or fall.

  • Gray Whales in Spring

Gray Whales are the often referred to as ‘California’s whale’ because they reside off the coast of California, the Eastern North Pacific. Grey whales have the longest migration path of any mammal that we know about. They will cover over 10,000 miles each year to get from the warm waters of the Pacific to summer feeding regions in the Arctic. These noble creatures can be as large as 50 ft., as heavy as 36 tons, and live a long as 70 years. When they stick their heads out of the water and give a long exhale it is just breathtaking.

  • Blue Whales in Summer/Fall

Blue whales are longer, larger, and more slender than grey whales. Reaching up to 98 ft. in length, blue whales are the largest animal known to humans. The most common way to see a blue whale is to catch their tail is it peeks out of the water. Another popular sighting is the back of the whale, with its predominant blowhole in full view. Sometimes a blue whale mother and her baby will take interest in the catamaran! They will swim under the boat, perform some lovely twists and dives, and swim with the boat for an extended period of time. It is easier to get these kinds of performances from blue whales because, other than mothers taking care of their kin, blue whales are independent.

Make sure to bring a good pair of binoculars on the boat so you can get the most out of the special occasion that is whale-spotting. It is the chance of a lifetime to be blown away by the beauty and power of the oceanic world.

The Catamaran

There are two catamaran types in use for FunCat sailing boat charters. The first catamaran is named “Tigress”, and she is a real stunner. Tigress has a strong motor and a high sail to catch the wind, if need be. A lot of single hulled boats would be choppy on the ocean. The Tigress is a catamaran, which means it has two parallel hulls that keep the boat centered on the ocean. No matter the weather, the Tigress will carve smoothly through the waters. Perhaps the best feature is the large open air deck with seating. This is where passengers can lounge and enjoy optimal sightlines across the whole landscape. If passengers prefer to be inside, there is a large cabin underneath the deck with bathrooms and a little canteen that serves drinks.

The second catamaran is called “Wind Drum” and it is known for its speed. Wind Drum is the same design and size as Tigress, with a large sitting area at the front of the ship for perfect sightlines. The main difference between the two boats is that Wind Drum is faster. Not only is it a little faster – Wind Drum is the fastest catamaran in the United States! Taking a trip on Wind Drum is perfect for those adventure seekers that want to feel breathless and free on the ocean.

Captain Rod

Captain Rod will make your sailing trip a personal experience. He only takes small groups at a time because he likes to engage as many of his passengers in the art of sailing as he can. Any and all questions will be answered by him with in-depth knowledge and enthusiasm. If you are lucky he will let you sail for a couple minutes!

Captain Rod has over 30 years’ experience in the boat charter industry. As a licensed Captain with the U.S. Coast Guard, there really is no one better to unveil the beauty of the San Diego coastline. Whether you want a relaxing day on the water or an exhilarating experience searching for whales – Captain Rod is your man.