What Should You Know About Planning a Trip to Gulf Shores?

For a long time, the idea of visiting the Alabama coast wasn’t something a lot of people considered unless they already lived in the state. The Alabama shoreline was a bit more of a hidden gem.

When you think about Gulf Coast beaches, you might still think more about Florida, but in recent years the Alabama coast has started to become popular on its own.

Gulf Shores is one of the most popular places to visit along the Alabama coastline, and there’s plenty of good reasons for that according to the people who love it there.

You can rent an RV in Birmingham and be to the beach in around four hours if you’re planning to camp and you’re going to be flying into the state.

You could also fly into the regional airport in Mobile and go from there.

The following are some tips if you’re planning a trip to Gulf Shores in general, and more specifically you want to do so by RV.


Gulf Shores is the perfect place for RV-loving travelers, and there’s a whole community of other like-minded travelers who feel the same way.

There’s no shortage of nearby campgrounds, but a favorite that’s very well-equipped is the Gulf State Park Campground.

There are nearly 500 full-hookup sites with paved pads, as well as some primitive sites.

There are several air-conditioned bathhouses, a pool and splash pad, tennis courts, a Nature Center and regular activities everyone will enjoy. You can even book a water view site here.

White Sand Beaches

A big part of the allure of Gulf Shores are obviously the stunning beaches, but a lot of travelers are surprised with just how pristine they are when they arrive for the first time.

The shoreline has white sand beaches from quartz that washed down from the Appalachian Mountains thousands of years ago. The sand isn’t just known for being white—it’s also powder-soft, and that’s paired with turquoise water, so it’s a win-win for beach lovers.


Most people venture down to the Alabama coast during the summer months but be warned that it will likely be extremely crowded

Sometimes if you want to beat the crowds and still get the benefit of warm weather, it can be better to go in September or early October. There is often even warm weather all the way up through November, although of course, that’s not a guarantee.


There’s plenty of wildlife to enjoy if you visit Gulf Shores and the surrounding Alabama coast areas, from sea turtles to birdwatching.

There’s also the National Wildlife Refuge, which is a nature reserve that serves as home to plants and endangered wildlife.

Finally, people visit the area for the food alone. There is an abundance of seafood restaurants where everything is incredibly fresh, and the overall dining concepts are inspired by what you would find in Southern food cities like Nashville, New Orleans, and Charleston.

Pretty much any restaurant you visit is going to be offering fresh catch specials on a daily basis, so it can be a great dining experience for even the most discerning of foodies and seafood lovers.