Which Are 5 the Best Places to live in the US?

Are you feeling the need to move home? Are there other places you’d like to live in where you can live at a different pace of life? If you do, then you have a big decision to make, because there are hundreds of potential places where you can go in the US. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can find anything from a fast-paced city life, to a more serene country existence. 

Fargo, North Dakota

Fargo is the largest city in North Dakota and is one of the best places for job seekers and college graduates. That means if you’re coming here to work or study, then this is the best place for you. However, Fargo has a lot more to offer; there are many museums, galleries, and restaurants that also add to the atmosphere of the city. 

Fort Collins, Colorado

Fort Collins is one of the healthiest cities in the U.S, and when you go there, you’ll see why. There are some stunning outdoor facilities that encourage people to stay fit and healthy. You will also find award winning schools and a thriving art scene. There are, of course, plenty of shops and restaurants located there, but you can also visit one of the areas unique breweries. 

Pensacola, Florida

When you visit the town of Pensacola, you’ll see a place that is calm and peaceful. The sea port has become a place of history and leisure, and both blend nicely in the heart of the town. Pensacola is also an exclusive place to live, with beautiful apartments for rent in Pensacola, FL just by Crystal Lake. The complex has not only a nice fishing area but also some good walking trails with amazing views. 

Walnut Creek, California

With so many local farmers markets around the area, Walnut Creek has become known as one of the best foodie cities. However, it isn’t just food that is high quality; there are also the well-performing schools and an abundance of outdoor and indoor activities. The residents are very active in their community, especially when it comes to political matters. 

Ann Arbour, Michigan

If you’re a budding student then Ann Arbour could be the place for you. Named as one of the best college towns in the country, there are lots of events and activities offered by the University of Michigan. As well as studying, you can also occupy your time by visiting one of the bookstores, or art galleries. Or you can relax in one of the 150 parks throughout the area. It’s a town worth considering if you’re a new family or a new student.

If you’re looking to make a fresh start somewhere else, then these options can give you the change you need. Not only are they good for the sport, but they also have a history and tradition that gives them all character. There is bound to be a city out there that has the things you need; you just have to find it.