Why You Should Consider Cancun for Your Next Vacation

So, you’ve found some vuelos baratos (cheap flights) to Mexico, and you know that the weather is going to be fantastic no matter when you visit, but you’re still undecided on where exactly in the country to vacation?  If this sounds like you, we highly recommend visiting Cancun.  Not only is it home to crystal clear waters, paradisiac beaches, and a roaring nightlife, but it’s also home to some of the best historical sites in the world.  Keep reading for a list of reasons as to why you should consider Cancun for your next vacation.

1. Year Round Sunshine

While the Midwest and Northern States are blanketed with white, the tropical beaches of Cancun and the Yucatan Peninsula sizzle in the blazing sun.  However, even in the winter months, Cancun doesn’t exactly get cold.  From April onwards, temperatures still reach the mid 80s and uninterrupted sunshine is still the norm.  One thing that you should be aware of is that hurricane season runs from June to November, with the majority occurring between August and October.  You will likely find hotels and flights to be cheaper during these months, though.

2. The Amazing Beaches

If you’ve ever received a postcard from a friend visiting Mexico, it’s likely that your eyes were instantly drawn to the pearly white beaches.  Well, let us just say that these pictures were in no way photoshopped – Cancun’s beaches really do look as amazing in person as they do on the postcards.  The sun-kissed beaches in Cancun stretch for 20 miles, so you’ll find plenty of room to relax, read a book and sunbathe.  If you fancy taking a dip in the ocean, feel free.  You’ll find spots that are perfect for swimming, windsurfing, and even snorkeling!

3. The Roaring Parties

Although Cancun is a peaceful haven by day, once the sun goes down, the bars awaken and you’ll find plenty of places to spend the evening hours.  From chic inner city cocktail spots, to bamboo bars, and the world renowned clubs, no matter what you enjoy doing during the evening, you’ll be catered for.  Two places that we have to recommend include Dady’O and Coco Bongo.  Here, you’ll find laser parties and acrobatic performances unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

4. The Yucatan Peninsula

There aren’t many destinations in the world where you can sunbathe on a beautiful beach in the morning, and then tour an ancient ruin during the afternoon.  However, this is possible in Cancun.  Chichen Itza is the main historic site to see here.  The Mayan ruins draw over a million visitors each year, and really are an outstanding sight.  Although you can no longer climb the pyramids, the graphic stone carvings and the amazing architecture will surely keep you entertained.  Visit during the evening if you can, as this is when the pyramids are lit up and light and sound shows are performed.

5. The Scuba Diving

Many people visit Cancun purely for the scuba diving, and there are plenty of impressive sites to visit.  The reefs that line the coast are full of unique marine life and there are plenty of scuba diving companies who will take you out for a day if you so wish.  However, if you’re willing to travel slightly further from Cancun, we highly recommend checking out some of the more rugged scuba spots.  Nearby Cozumel Island is a popular choice, but the Dos Ojos cenote is our top choice, offering a scuba experience you’ll never forget as you put your head torch on and enter into the mysterious caves.

6. Plenty of Retail Therapy

Not everyone who visits Cancun will want to sunbathe all day, and if you like to shop, you’ll find plenty of places to do just that.  In the center of the city’s hotel zone, you’ll find a sprawling shopping center that is as good as any in the US.  Travel a little way to Playa Del Carmen and you’ll find a more upmarket experience with luxury boutiques and chic fashion stores throughout the town.  Cancun is also home to lots of markets and street sellers selling an array of handmade goods, arts and crafts, and food.  Just make sure to practice your haggling skills before you travel, as it’s all part of the experience.

7. Mouthwatering Food

Speaking of food, Cancun is a fantastic location for foodies to visit.  From freshly caught seafood to oriental spiced soups, Mexican classics, paellas, pastas, and your traditional American burger, Cancun has it all.  In fact, you could try a different cuisine every night of your vacation and still not have tried them all!  Due to its luxury resorts, Cancun has attracted top chefs from around the world, so you really can expect to have a delicious meal everywhere you go.  It’s still worth trying some of the street food too, though, for a taste of real Mexico.

8. It’s Cheap to Travel There

Because Cancun is such a popular destination for travelers from the US, it’s incredibly cheap to travel there.  Flights are numerous, and Cancun has direct flights to 17 American cities.  If you want to save further money, try booking your flight on a Tuesday, and traveling during December as this is when the lowest prices can be found.  If you’re willing to wait until the last minute to book, you may encounter further savings.

9. Luxury Hotels and Resorts

Finally, Cancun is home to some of the most luxurious hotels and resorts in the world.  The city is the most developed in Mexico and you’ll literally have hundreds of accommodation options to choose from.  Whether you fancy staying in a 5 star resort like the Le Blanc Spa Resort, or would prefer something a little more boutique like the Sandos Cancun, the only trouble you’ll have is narrowing your selection down to just one!  There really is something for everyone.

If you have been considering Mexico for your next vacation, we really cannot recommend Cancun highly enough!