Why You Should Insist On Only Using Organic Cannabis Oil

Lowell Farms is a marijuana company that is environmentally and socially responsible. Based in Santa Barbara County, it uses only organic fertilizer, no pesticides, and all-natural materials. They sell organic cannabis oil and pre-rolled joints using blends that come from their seasonal crops. This results in high-quality, natural marijuana that is a joy to smoke or otherwise consume.

So what does something like organic cannabis oil actually mean? Their marijuana plants are cold-pressed for starters. Lowell Farms freezes its organically grown marijuana flowers. While still frozen, the next step is to put the flowers through what is known as a water hashing process. What this means is that the frozen flowers are shaken in ice-cold water. They are then cold-pressed so that the oil can be extracted.

Other growers use an extraction process that involves chemicals and heat. The marijuana plant is heated to 518°F which emulsifies it. This strips away the flavor of the plant. Solvents are then added which further dissolve artificial terpenes. This results in the final distillate oil.

It’s easy to tell if you are enjoying organic cannabis oil or the conventional type. Cold-pressed organic cannabis oil tastes like marijuana and is as close to smoking the raw plant as you’re going to get. It doesn’t contain butane, solvents, or other additives. The flavor of inhaling organic cannabis oil and not putting additives in your body are two great reasons to always insist on it when you want a hit from your vaping pen.

Lowell Farms is the most popular marijuana producer in California. Their products can be purchased in dispensaries throughout California. While their pre-rolled joints can only be sold in California, people from across the nation can order their CBD oil on their e-commerce site.

As of September 24th, Lowell Farms fans have a new option. The nation’s first cannabis restaurant, Lowell Cafe, is opening in West Hollywood. This is a suburb of Los Angeles. In addition to providing great food and drinks, Lowell Cafe provides a place for people to socialize and smoke weed. You can’t smoke weed in the cafe, though. You need to go to either the outside garden or indoor lounge to do so. Guests in these areas can have food and drinks delivered to them.

John Leonard is the legislative affairs manager for the City of West Hollywood. He explained that Lowell Cafe has two separate businesses on two separate premises. the kitchen is segregated from where people are smoking marijuana. The law allows staff to take orders from guests in marijuana smoking areas and deliver food and drinks to their tables.

Leonard added that it would be hard to duplicate Lowell Cafe. The way the building it is housed in was designed was beneficial to their set up, which means it might not work elsewhere. Other cannabis restaurants would need to either find a suitable location or spend a lot of money to make it work.

The Lowell Cafe menu was hand-crafted by the celebrity chef Andrea Drummer. She trained at Le Cordon Bleu, which famously teaches French cuisine. She has been an advocate for cannabis for a long time. She wrote “Cannabis Cuisines: The Art of Cooking with Marijuana”. She has also appeared on “Chelsea On!” and “Cooking on High,” both Netflix shows.

Andrea Drummer developed a menu designed to complement the use of marijuana. It’s a seasonal menu that presently has as options like fried chicken sandwich, white bean hummus, and grilled peaches with burrata. It also has ice cream sandwiches and peanut butter cookies which are especially popular among weed smokers.