5 Most Incredible Experiences You Need to Have When Visiting Bali

With its tantalizing cuisine, white sandy beaches and unparalleled spa relaxation, Bali is the picture-perfect holiday destination. Its thriving vegetation gives it all the feeling of an undiscovered paradise, but with five-star hotels and the creature comforts of civilization.

This idyllic paradise has something for everyone. Don’t miss these five incredible experiences to make your Bali trip truly unforgettable.

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Dive into Balinese Cuisine

Traditional Balinese cuisine offers the intrepid gastronomic explorers a wealth of flavors drawn out from freshly sourced ingredients and fiery spices. The commitment and attention to detail employed by Balinese chefs push their creations to stand out in the gastronomy of the region. Sample Ayam Betutu, Sate Lilit and Lawar.

Enjoy a Pampering at a Traditional Spa

For unmatched tranquility, undertake a traditional spa. Trained spa technicians will cover you in a blend of traditional herbs before massaging your body.

The Balinese massage style involves long, deep strokes. Feel your aches and pains evaporate under you’re the gentle rolling hands of your masseuse, before topping it all off with a baptism of flower-scented water. You leave smelling as fresh as you feel, absolved of stress and embracing island life.

Have a Quick 18 Holes

Bali boasts some of the best golf courses in Asia, and the world. For a unique experience, pay Bali Handara Golf and Country Club a visit to perfect your swing in the lush foothills of mountains and volacanoes,

Alternatively, Nirwana Golf Club, the brainchild of Greg Norman, provides a dramatic seafront setting and draws the Balinese natural landscape into the course in a way few that few other courses can. With no shortage of breathtaking scenery, even those indifferent to the sport won’t be able to resist hitting the links.

Explore the Reefs

Bali’s coastal waters are home to a diverse array of wildlife. Divers and snorkelers are treated to manta rays’ underwater aerial displays, awe-inspiring sunfish parading past and zippy clownfish. Nearby Menjagan is a local favorite, particularly for inexperienced divers. The shallow waters of Menjahan island are ideal for snorkeling and for beginner divers, putting it among the best dive sites in South East Asia.

For more experienced divers, Seraya Secrets offers muck diving. Don’t let the name put you off, muck diving simply refers to the darkened volcanic sand that is a hotbed for marine wildlife. Young tropical fish species and seahorses are drawn to the murky silt and its coral is teeming with life. The dark seabed also makes it one of the most-photographed dive sites in the region.

 Ride the Waves

Bali is Asia’s surfing mecca and surf enthusiasts descent on the island every year in search of the perfect swell. Load up your board rack and see them for yourself or take a lesson to try your hand at this three century-old island pastime.

These are a just handful of the gems Bali has to offer. It is a place that can take a few days to explore but a lifetime to know. Book your trip and peel back the curtain on Balinese life.