Culinary Traveling: Best Countries to Go To in Asia

Could there be anything better than experiencing a whirlwind of exquisite, unique and strange tastes? With plenty of countries that have a long culinary tradition and cuisines that make them worth your bucket list, you’ve come to the right place. So here’s what you can’t miss if culinary traveling is your poison.


This country is famous for its daring dishes that include a wide array of contradictory tastes. Whether it’s about fresh sushi or hand-cut noodles, you’re definitely in for a treat. The Hello-Kitty melons are something else you need to try here, though the fish markets will transport you to another dimension.

You can even put on your ice fishing boots and start off to Mount Fuji, where Lake Yamanaka offers plenty of such opportunities during winter. This location is on par with the frozen Ishim River in Kazakhstan, but you’ll have a few chances to hike too. And when everything is said and done, you can delight yourself with a delicious sake.


The mouth-watering gastronomic tours you can experience in China are numberless. Some elements of the Chinese cuisine are pretty widespread in the Western World too, with its renowned dumplings and chow mein being among the most coveted dishes.

China is famous for its spices and contrasting tastes too, and here you’ll get to experience first-hand meals like the Sweet and Sour Pork. You even have plenty of vegetarian options, like Buddha’s delight, and what could be better than eating like the gods?


Renowned for is pad thai and amazing open-air food markets, Thailand has plenty to offer both in terms of enjoyable and one-of-a-kind foods, as well as culture. That’s because this country shows you the importance of eyesight, smell and community on how we experience tastes.

The food is very colorful, you’ll get to enjoy the most delightful soups, chicken noodles, and sweets, but it’s also very fragrant. The outdoor markets swarm with people, tourists, and workers alike, and in this buzzing atmosphere, you’ll be tempted to get yet another portion of fried bananas for the road.


If you’re curious about exploring a world and a landscape that’s completely different from the one at home, then top it all off with some amazing culinary experiences, Bali is definitely the country you’re looking for. With its immense rice fields that stretch at the feet of volcanic mountains near the white-sanded beaches, Bali has a cult for food and some pretty peculiar traditions.

You can’t leave this island without going to Ubud, where the Babi Guling tasting takes place. You’ll experience the sweet, aromatic taste of a suckling pig, or you can enjoy a more vegetarian delight since rice is king here. There are plenty of pit-stops you can make in Bali, either on the beach or in mountain resorts, where you’ll find that food tastes better, and that you can even take part in several local cooking classes.


Don’t neglect the wonderful sensory experiences that India has to offer, considering how popular Indian food has become in the Western world. Even Queen Victoria is said to have given up her uptight, somber meal habits in her later years only to try the savory treats from her Crown Jewel.

With its incredibly-combined spices and a large variety of ingredients, India is renowned for its traditional meals and regional differences caused by climate, soil, religion, and culture. That makes all its spices and herbs, as well as fruits and vegetables very distinct. And if you really want to try something out of the ordinary, go for the Jharkhand dishes, that are so hard to find, that your search will make them taste a million times better.

Sri Lanka

With ancient cities and fortresses, Sri Lanka has a time-strengthened cuisine that will take you back to the old ages. But the taste of its magnificent foods has a secret that lies in how that food is prepared. For instance, everyone has tasted curry at least once in their life, but the one made in clay pots that simmer over an open fire adds a really earthy flavor to this sauce.

There are many other dishes to try here too, including the sweet egg hoppers that use plenty of coconut water and coconut milk in their preparation process. And their unique flavor is incrementally augmented by the palm-sprinkled coast where you can sit back and enjoy your meals.


Your culinary trip to Asia has to include Myanmar if you’re a fan of both fish and noodles because the combination between these two makes up the national dish. You’ll enjoy this delicious broth with a view, particularly if you decide to travel to Mandalay.

There are plenty of cooking class opportunities in this country too, and what we love most about it is the ingenious way to use seafood, so that you never really get bored with having this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Ngapi is a fermented seafood that can accompany many such meals, while the fish sauce used can really be an outstanding addition.

And even if you’ll be craving some of the diversity found in Thailand, or the less oily combinations of Japan, you should know that the Myanmar cuisine actually influenced the other neighboring cuisines. Besides, you can certainly appreciate the local’s ingenuity since they have just one main ingredient to work with.


Don’t forget about the Vietnamese cuisine that’s also pretty popular thanks to its outdoor food markets, particularly those of Ho Chi Minh. You’ll experience various live cooking demonstrations here, along with the opportunity to enroll in different cooking classes.

But there are various other sights you can enjoy here, for history buffs who want to learn a bit more about this country. And since history influences the local kitchen, you will be sure to understand why a basic meal like noodle soup was transformed into the aromatic Pho with the help of basil, lime and mint leaves.

Where will you go?

If you want to make your taste buds quiver with pleasure, you can’t miss the sensations offered by the mysterious continent of Asia. But where are you heading to and why? Leave us a comment below.