Here’s How to Travel Japan on a Budget with the Help of These 8 Money Saving Tricks

Many people believe traveling to Japan is expensive, and it can be, but there are many things you can do to save money and enjoy your trip on a budget. There are Japan vacation packages all inclusive that include room, transportation, and meals or some combination of these types of amenities.

Here are 8 money-saving tricks to help you enjoy a trip to Japan on a budget.

  1. Save on Accommodations

One of the cheapest ways to stay in Japan is in Capsule Hotels. This is exactly what it sounds like. It is a small capsule or pod where you sleep. Besides the mattress and pillow, you have a light and an outlet to plug in an electronic device and that’s it.

In  Capsule Hotels, you share the bathroom and common areas, but the main idea is to have a place to sleep at night.

  1. Save on Food

You can get sushi everywhere and it is almost always good, even in the cheap places. Vegetables and fruits are very expensive, even in the market.

Try a small corner market or convenience store for pre-made meals that are inexpensive and pretty tasty. Find the nearest “100-Yen” store, which is similar to the dollar stores in the US. They have groceries, toiletries, set meals and so much more all for the same low price.

Eat mostly Donburi, a rice and meat dish, Ramen, and Curry. They are filling and cheap.

  1. Save on Transportation

The bullet trains are expensive when you purchase one ticket at a time. Purchase a pass, it may seem like a lot of money, but in the end, you will save more because you get more rides.

Go for local trains rather than the bigger, faster trains.

  1. Save on Attractions

Many of the best attractions are free or relatively inexpensive. If there is something you absolutely must see, try to find a pass that is discounted.

  1. Save on Bars

If you are going to visit bars, don’t go into the first ones you come across. Look up, because many of the best bars, with the good drinks and better prices, are upstairs.

  1. Save on Taxi Cabs

Don’t take taxi cabs in Japan as they are very expensive. You will be surprised at how much you can discover and see simply by walking around. Most of the beautiful temples are free and have a rich history and wonderful cultural displays of grace and color.

  1. Save on The Entire Trip

Go to Japan in the off season, which is also the rainy season, in June. It doesn’t rain as much as it sounds like it does, and you will find the accommodations cheaper than the peak seasons which are in August or April.

  1. Save on Guides

Find free guides, which are basically locals that want to make new friends and practice their English.

There are many ways to save money when vacationing in Japan, you just have to be flexible and look around for good deals on everything from rooms to foods.