Learn how to make Balinese cuisine

Holidaying in Bali is a great idea. One of the best hotels to stay in for your holidays is the Ayana Hotel. With numerous five-star hotels around Indonesia, you will get the very best of Bali in terms of professional service and accommodation and additional activities for your itinerary.

The hotel offers creative, educative and memorable activities for their guests. One of the most memorable activities for hotel guests that get to enjoy it is teaching them how to make Balinese food.

The school

The Ayana hotel in Bali is located in a vast land decorated creatively to provide just the right ambiance for holiday makers.

In one part of this vast and beautiful land is a cooking school known as Scenography. Here, guests can take a cooking class Bali to learn how to make the actual Balinese cuisine that they enjoy at the hotel.

The experience

To take this class, you have to enroll. Enrollment is through paying the required fees as will be advised by the hotel.

Once enrolled, the whole class assembles just after breakfast is served and gets to walk to the fresh food market near the hotel.

Here, students get to learn about the foods available in the area and get an opportunity to interact with local community around the hotel. With a list of ingredients, every student buys the items that they will need to use during the class.

Class in session

Once back to the hotel from the market, the head chef of the school is introduced to help the guests prepare the ingredients and make them ready to turn into a great meal.

The guests are provided a special recipe for the day to ensure that they put to good use the ingredients that they just brought from the market.

Within an hour or two, the meals are ready. All guests must now have a taste of the food they made and this marks the end of the lesson and the first step to becoming masters at Balinese cuisine.

After the class

Once the food is ready, it is already lunch time. On this day, the food that you have prepared at the class is your lunch.

You get to experience the taste not only of your effort but also of the community around the hotel that ensures that they receive fresh food every day to serve their guests.

Once you have had your fill from your first Balinese meal, this marks the end of the cooking class and allows you to get back to your fun filled holiday activities.

Why take this class?

If you are on holiday as a family or with loved ones, this is an activity that you can take part in together. It will help you to learn new things together and enjoy each other’s cooking once the class in done.

Also, taking part in this class enables participants to interact deeply with the local community by getting into the market and haggling for supplies and ingredients required for the class. This interaction will ensure that your holiday is quite memorable.

Taking this class enables you to gain new skills that you could show off to your friends once you are back home from the holiday.

How to enroll

When you first arrive at the hotel, they will let you know of the range of activities that they offer they guests and that you can indulge in.

You will then receive the price of each activity that needs to be paid for. This cooking class is one of the activities that needs to be paid for from your pocket. Once you pay, you are enrolled to the next class and given an itinerary and day to take the class.


Participating in an activity like this while on holiday leaves a lasting impression. You will always remember the experience and you will want to go back more often for more of that experience.