Manila: A City with fascinating beauty

The Spanish origin city of Manila was founded on June 24, 1571, by Miguel López de Legazpi who was a Spanish conquistador. Once it was a seat of power for its colonial emperors, but now, the capital of the Philippines is regarded as one of the most densely populated regions in the world but it is also one of the richest areas in Southeast Asia. Its colonial heritage hasn’t faded from view at all, as can be witnessed from the presence of various historic sites. History also witnesses to the variety of firsts Manila has been bestowed with- from the first University and zoo to the first hotel and electricity system; Manila has seen it all.

If you want to visit the city then it is advisable to prefer the air route through the Clark International Airport or the Ninoy Aquino International Airport which welcome both domestic and international flights. Also, if you book in advance or from a trusted service, then you might be able to get cheap prices, probably even cheapest Dubai to Manila flights, Sydney to Manila flights, Singapore to Manila flights and more as such.

After reaching there you would like to know about the city, and do, here’s a list of the must-visit and must-do places.

  • Visit Chinese Cemetery: Finding a cemetery at the top of the list might seem a little morbid, but this isn’t any ordinary cemetery. On the contrary, it will make you feel like you are in a residential suburb, the streets as liked with mausoleums. Here you will be able to see mausoleums with running water, air conditioner, crystal chandeliers, flushing toilets, andeven kitchens, in short-term every modern convenience available.
  • Enjoy Food at Purple Yam: Love fine dining? Who doesn’t! Dig into this Filipino modern fusion restaurant which is actually a renovated ancestral home that currently just takes in reservations, just so that they can arrange for the best and freshest ingredients for their customers. We would recommend trying out the roast pig (lechón) and the Palawan shellfish.
  • Take a Look at Ayala Museum: Sounds boring? It’s certainly not, especially once you enter the grounds which are full of exhibits on Filipino art, culture, and The best part of the museum (for history buffs) is the 60 dioramas which tell the story of the country’s history. Pro tip: Go up to the fourth floor and take a look at the amazing indigenous textile collection they have there along with some rare pieces of gold jewelry which ate back to the pre-Hispanicera.
  • Groove at Cubao Expo: If you are interested in knowing Manila more up close and personal then this is the place to go to. Full of cheap eateries, cool bars, andboutiques, this is the place to head towards if you want to enjoy some beers while grooving to alternative rock.

Manila is a busy and dense place which most people avoid, but once you dig deep into it, there’s just so much to be explored and learned about.