New Year Party in Dubai

The New Year’s Eve events in Dubai are spectacular. With crazy fireworks and the opportunity to enjoy part of the major New Year’s celebrations for free in Dubai, it’s no surprise that tourists from neighboring countries & the rest of the world begin to flow into the emirate around this time by booking their Dubai tourist visa. Whether you want to party or sit in isolation behind the walls, whether you want to spend time with your family members or someone special, this city has something for everyone and every budget. If you know what to do, Dubai may be your private NYE festivities escape, complete with fireworks, parties, food, and dancing.

Fun Ways to Celebrate New Year Party in Dubai

1. Gaze at the Glittering Fireworks

The fireworks displays for the New Year in Dubai are among the best in the world. What’s more rewarding is that these are free and can bring delight to folks who are stuck at home or in traffic. You can’t really pick a favorite as everyone has different tastes.

The best locations in Dubai for spectacular fireworks displays:

  • The Astonishing Burj Khalifa Fireworks – The Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest structure, already draws millions of visitors to the city. The fireworks here over New Year’s Eve are amid the most televised & renowned in the world. People travel long distances to attend the last countdown of the year. However, in addition to the magnificent fireworks, a light & water show takes place around midnight.
  • Grand Atlantis Fireworks – Often overshadowed via the Burj Khalifa fireworks, this firework actually exhibit a one-of-a-kind performance and is something everyone should see when seeking for things to do in Dubai for New Year’s.
  • Magical Fireworks from the Umm AI Sequim Beach – Because the beach is perfectly placed in the midst of both The Atlantis and the Burj Khalifa, you will be able to enjoy both of their fireworks from a prime location. The fireworks display at the Burj Al puts the icing on the cake! As the clock strikes twelve, a chain reaction begins.

2. Dance All Night at Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity, the party for the party people, will be the meeting place for those who intend to spend the New Year in Dubai dancing all night. This New Year’s Eve, the gorgeous Al Fresco beach club truly will be the main attraction, with numerous zones offering distinct themes such as the Helter Skelter, Ritual, and SuperNatural. DJs Jax Jones & Jonas Blue will be in charge of the audience this year.

3. Celebrate New Year in Clubs

One can celebrate New Year in Dubai in different clubs namely,

  • Barasati – Barasati is amid those clubs that is always a fan favourite. So you can bet they’ll boost their game for New Year’s Eve. You will never get disappointed if you visit Barasati; it is not even possible, so come here if you wish a guaranteed night full of fun! The entry per person is AED 210.
  • Bahri Bar – The Bahri Bar has fantastic sights of the Burj Al Arab, thus yes, this will be a great place to watch the fireworks. However, it does not stop there. This is ideal for folks who enjoy partying but dislike crowds! The entry per person is AED 995.
  • Cavali Club – When it comes to hosting events, the Cavalli Club definitely is known for going above and beyond. And, given that they boasted that their New Year’s Eve party will be the most expensive in town, the message must be taken seriously. For unlimited drinks in case of men the entry fee is AED 1150 and in case of women is AED 950 and for unlimited drinks and four-course meal the entry fee is AED 1650.

4. Dubai Opera

Celebrate Dubai New Year with a regal meal and a spectacular entertainment at the Dubai Opera. As the clock strikes twelve, the DJ takes over, and the crowd at the Dubai Opera goes wild to the legendary sounds!

If the fireworks, parties, and fancy dinners are too conventional for your Dubai New Year’s Eve plans, board a classic dhow cruise or the popular cruise to avoid the crowds while still feeling the New Year’s feelings. Get aboard a 350-passenger catamaran with on-board live entertainment & a lavish feast cooked by expert chefs to ring in Dubai New Year in style. While sailing over the stream in calm and tranquility, see the fireworks from different sections of the city.

5. RTA Cruises

If you want a simpler and less expensive way to do the same thing, government-run Roads & Transport Authority offers the right solution. The RTA in fact has been preparing to launch unique discounts and additional events exclusively for you at a considerably lower cost. Now you can board the Water Bus, Dubai ferry, or a more traditional ride, the Abra, and enjoy the thrill of seeing the fireworks that take place throughout the Dubai Water Canal.

6. Dubai Desert Safari

The city is primarily a desert, so to celebrate New Year’s Eve in a more traditional manner, head to one of the large stretches of sand that will not be difficult to discover. Take desert safaris or other comparable packages and enjoy that one night you’ll never forget. Enjoy a delicious barbeque supper and unlimited beverages while being entertained via live music, games, and dance. You can also wear traditional attire, get a henna tattoo, and ride a camel. When the clock strikes twelve, cut the New Year’s cake and dance the night away!

Dubai is amid the most exciting places to celebrate the New Year! High-rise skyscrapers, dazzling pyrotechnics, parties, nightclub scenes, and the complete pomp and circumstance add to the thrill. During Dubai New Year, there is a lot for everyone that it has become one of the liveliest year-end locations in the world. And, just in case you’re planning to ring in the New Year in Dubai, here are the finest things to do and see within Dubai on the eve of New Year. Prepare for a lively New Year’s Eve celebration in Dubai.