Planning your first trip to India

Going to India for the first time and don’t know where to start? We know the feeling. India is a huge country with a very diverse population, different percentages of which belong to different cultures, have different traditions, festivals and history. This makes India a thriving and colourful country. But it also becomes very hard to decide where to go and what to do because you can obviously not fit all of India into one trip. And this why we have put together this list of tips, tricks and suggestions that should help you plan your journey better:

The planning:

Done checking out cheap flights to India and deciding on the time of visit? Now it’s time for some serious research. Before you pack, remember that India has a tropical climate so the summers are warmer than usual. Pack accordingly. Also, remember to consult your doctor about which shots you should be getting before catching your flight to India.

Also, remember that since India is huge, rather than jumping from one location to another and not getting to see anything in full, you should concentrate on one region. From beaches to rolling green hills and towering mountains and shimmering deserts, India has it all. So, even before you begin planning your trip, decide which way you would like to go. Maybe the golden dunes of Rajasthan make your heart yearn. Or the snow-clad peaks of the Himalayas sing of the long way home. Choose. Decide. Explore.

The usual:

Even though it is easy to ask you to decide, you might still need help because of the sheer number of options out there. If you are caught in such a dilemma, you can always opt for the three most famous destinations for foreigners who travel to India for the first time. These are Jaipur, Delhi and Agra. You can start your journey by landing in Delhi and shopping local merch and eating the street food before taking a bus to Agra to explore the Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri and the sprawling Agra Fort. The Red Fort and several Mughal architectures also make for very important spots in Delhi. From there, head on to the Pink City of Jaipur and explore the many fortresses that this desert land is pockmarked with.

The religious and the spiritual:

If you are looking to explore the religious heart of India, you can find an extensive number of temples almost anywhere in India. The northern and central parts of the country are especially famous for their many temples, including the Sun Temple of Konark, Amritsar’s Golden Temple, Rajasthan’s many Jain temples and the erotic carvings in the caves of Khajuraho. To the south are Madurai, Hampi, Tiruvannamalai and the gorgeously carved caves of Ajanta and Ellora and the Elephanta.

The mountain calls:

It is hard to think of India without remembering the Himalayas at least once. From the ancient times, the Himalayas have been an intricate part of the culture and heritage of India. Many pilgrimage sites are located at the top of Himalayan glaciers. Adventure seekers from all over the world travel here to enjoy the many sporty activities in Uttarakhand, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh etc. But it is Jammu and Kashmir that often takes one’s breath away with its gorgeous lakes, towering mountains and miles upon miles of colourful flowers. You can choose to stay here for a few days, languidly floating in houseboats in Srinagar, or you can trek to disarming heights from mountain bases at Sikkim.